8Dio Annual Stand Out Contest 2016

8Dio Stand Out Composer Contest 8Dio Annual Stand Out Contest with over +$25,000 in prizes. December 5th We have decided to extend the submission deadline (on popular demand) till December 20th, read more about it here. November 22th We are delighted to announce our amazing line-up of guest judges for this

Anthology – Adagio and Agitato Reimagined

When we originally created Adagio – the idea was to create the most expressive set of orchestral strings ever sampled. Full of life, emotion and no static notes. We also designed it to be a living library series that would evolve over time. We began the journey with Adagio Violins,

One-Time Offer

Christmas is coming early this year – as we are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Adagio with an exclusive one-time offer, which gives you 70% off ANY Adagio or Agitato Product and Bundle. The original idea behind Adagio was to create the most comprehensive set of emotional and truly