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How To Series : How do I receive my free update or discounted upgrade?

Support Blog – 8Dio How To Series.

Welcome to a new series of our blog posts, in this post we shall be focusing on Support questions, queries, concerns and tips on how to get the best from our FAQ and Support.

With this new Series, you will be able to take advantage of your instruments from a simple re-download to really getting the best from the library with little hints and tips. We’ll guide you through general questions to the more tricky support queries.

If you have any support topics you want us to focus on, please don’t hesitate to comment below. We’ll make sure that everything is covered so you can get the best from your purchase. With any queries not picked, we can send our Guru across to you and get you the help you need.


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8Dio’s Library Updates

We are currently running through a lot of our legacy libraries in an on going effort to offer continual support to all of our customers. With these updates, you will receive a brand new product download including your library packed with brand new features. From more user friendly interfaces, to bonus content and refined workflows.

What have you guys updated?

You can find out what we have updated here


Product Updates


How do I Receive my Update?

If you have purchased any of the above in the past, then you are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest edition. Simply send Support an email along with a purchase receipt for the instrument for confirmation purposes and we will send out your new update.

What If my product has been updated but it’s not on the list above?

You can still upgrade your instrument to the new version for a discounted upgrade price (normally around $10-$30). Just get in touch with support on live chat or at to get your discounted upgrade code!

I haven’t received my free update yet, why?

All product updates are e-mailed directly upon release, as well as available to download via your online 8Dio account. If you have still not received your update, please email us at Support and we’ll get your update sent out as soon as possible.


What is in the free update?

There are a number of new features within the UI set up as you can see above. The libraries are completely remastered, redesigned and reprogrammed to suit the current new age of musicians and composers.


Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.58.57


We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio How To Series. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

Team 8Dio

  • Auralaxiom

    I love your products (and will continue to buy them) but this update system is cumbersome and woefully outdated. I realize it costs $$ (or rather $$$$$$$) to develop auto-update software but that’s just how the industry works (as you well know).

    Please take this as constructive. Again, I freaking love your products and have been enabled to this for a living by your company (and a few others like it).

  • Tom Tmpc

    I have the opposite opinion. I don’t want anything auto-updated on my computer. I have no idea what has changed in these sound libraries. Suppose it changes the sound of a piece of music I’m working on? I like to download updates, install the new ones along side of the old ones, and check them out. Maybe even keep both.

    The other issue is OS and Kontakt version compatibility. Do these updates require the use of the latest version of Kontakt? That would screw me up as I am still running 10.8.5 and Kontakt 5.5.1. My system is stable and I have no plans to mess with it.

    I back up multiple copies of all of my sound libraries, but I hope that 8dio will still allow us access to the version we purchased.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • Otherhand

    I appreciate that it’s costly and difficult to create new features, but it would be great if you could add an Updates button to 8dio Downloader, like the one in NI Access.

    I also realise you’re not idiots and you will have already thought of this, so you probably have a good reason for it not happening yet and plan to remedy this at some point. But what would the internet be if I didn’t ask pointless questions that I could answer for myself with two minutes of thought?