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We are super excited to share some great news with you all! Here is a little update on the “Games For Good” campaign where you all contributed too.

“…While our core base of donors is primarily made up of YouTube personalities, toy manufacturers, and gaming companies, we are also incredibly fortunate to receive donations from all types of people who feel compelled to help out. This is where Kat Stratton comes into the picture. This particular young woman was inspired by a GameChanger Charity donation campaign hosted by star streamer Markiplier and, for a school project about being an active citizen, decided to raise money for GameChanger through her own donation drive…”

Kat, who goes by @nefariousbot on Twitter, is a 13 year old who lives in Northern California and has a passion for gaming and helping others out. Kat has spent her last two summers doing humanitarian work in the Amazon of Ecuador and recently Kenya, with Pledge to Humanity and MetoWe.

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** May 25th
Leading by example is the most powerful act to influence others especially our children. 8Dio continues to donate money to charities and part-take directly in humanitarian work. 8Dio has raised over $180,000.00 till date and are excited to support a new initiative: “Games for Good” and offer you up to 50% off 8Dio Products and Bundles in the process.

The idea started when 7th grade student, Kat, decided to raise money for, which is a non-profit that delivers video games to children at hospitals with serious illnesses (ex. cancer). We wanted to get behind her and give her the opportunity to make a big impact for terminally ill and children with prolonged illnesses. When Kat pitched her idea to us, she pointed out many video game composers/producers license 8Dio products to make music for video games and this opportunity may hit home with many of our customers.

Kat is working hard at driving this campaign 100%. She is using social media and will be passing out posters at a large Anime convention, Fanime. She will also be travelling to Kenya on a humanitarian mission in 2 weeks. Go Kat! 8Dio is proud to introduce you to Kat and her campaign, “Games For Good“.

The campaign will not only benefit the charity, but also benefits you with up to 50% off 8Dio Products / Bundles!

 – Vouchers expires: June 8th, 2017