Tech-Track Tuesday’s

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 Tech-Track Tuesday Nº4 - Feat. James Everingham

The concept is simple, each Tuesday we will be breaking down one of our most popular demo tracks and will be discussing various elements of the track. We will delve into the instruments, technical aspects of the composition and even inspirations and comments from the composers themselves!

So if you’ve ever wondered what that amazing string sound, effect or synth was on your favorite featured track you can now find out! Then to make things even better after being inspired by listening to our “Track Of The Week”, the instruments used in that specific composition will be at a discounted price for the rest of the week.

On top of this, we are giving even more back to the community. You will now have the chance to get your track featured as the “Track Of The Week” and not only be featured on our SoundCloud page with more than 475.000 followers but also win our upcoming release.

All you have to do is:

  • Create a track featuring a minimum of five 8Dio Instruments
  • Upload it to SoundCloud (Name it 8Dio Tech-Track Tuesday: "NAME" by FIRST NAME, LAST NAME)
  • Write instruments used in description and tag #8DIOTUESDAY
  • Message to with the link to your track.

Track of the week:
This week's featured track is "WaveBreaker" by James Everingham

The instruments featured in this track are:


$349 $209

$99 $59

$399 $119

$1052 $269

$149 $89


Creator´s note:

"...Wavebreaker starts with a synth pad from Hybrid Tools Synphony with megahorns, a synth arpeggio and held tremolo from Adagietto. These synth pulses essentially loop throughout the entire track but are heavily automated both in volume and LPF cutoff to rise and fall as necessary.

0:28 - Some of the energy of the track starts to get introduced here. I’m using the processed trumpet staccatos from Symphony playing a sidechained triplet rhythm and bringing in some of the rhythm with doppler FX from Synphony run through a sharp tremolo. 
0:41 - An F1 car style doppler from Synphony leads into the main ‘drop’ with percussion loops from Symphony holding the rhythm with a string ostinato from Legato Arpeggio, and 8W power percussion layered with a kick playing the main percussion rhythm.
0:56 - The intensity dies down with thick power sustains from 8W under felt piano and more synth pulses from Synphony.
1:30 - The LPF cutoff starts to open, bringing in percussion loops and tremolo doppler FX from Synphony.
1:36 - The main melody of the track is introduced, played on Ambient Guitar’s plucks and felt piano. The pulsing synths from Synphony (you heard them at the beginning) are still going on underneath this section, but very low in the mix. They’re slowly brought back in across this section.
2:07 - Starting to hint at a big build with 8W string sustains layered with Destiny Sustains. The processed staccato trumpets from earlier are back playing a triplet rhythm with the LPF cutoff slowly being opened - reminiscent of techno, but sidechained to a straight rhythm to keep it in the cinematic world of this track. Introducing more layers and thickening the texture.
2:40 - The melody continues in full force, played on a heavy grand piano in unison with 8W’s legato violins, supported with more Synphony percussion and Legato Arpeggio ostinatos. This part really shows off the power of the 8W’s legato strings, and the solid pulsing intensity from Synphony.
If you split a track like this into acts or sections, I often find nailing the transitions between sections more important than the main sections themselves. It’s like the transition will determine the intensity and direction from where you’ve been to where you’re headed, and this is particularly true when repeating and building up a melodic passage such as in this track.
2:56 - These are my own live vocals over the final B section, with embellished percussion and more sound design FX from Synphony bringing the track to a climax.
3:12 - The track fades away with the synth pulses from the beginning dying out for the last time and Ambient Guitar adding decoration...."

Winner Of Tech-Track Week Nº3

8Dio Tech-Track Tuesday: "The Journey Begins" by Matti Paalanen

Matti used several 8Dio instruments in his piece "The Journey Begins" and did a good job combining the softness of Insolidus together with our new BETA version of Century Solo Brass. Matti will as the winner of Tech-Track Week Nº3 be receiving our latest release 8Dio The New Bulbul Tarang

8Dio The New Bulbul Tarang

"...The New Bulbul Tarang (aka The Indian Banjo) is a 15 string instrument commonly found in India and Pakistan. The instrument employs three sets of strings – a double set of melodic strings and two sets of drone strings – that also function as part resonators. The New Bulbul Tarang is most commonly played with a guitar like strum..."

If you have any further questions that our FAQ doesn't answer, don't worry. 8Dio-Support is here to support you 24/7. All support enquiries immediately receives a unique ticket number and we will get back to you within the hour(s).

Please send your support enquiry to:

We also have two live chat agents to provide immediate support via our live chat service:
George: 07:30-16:00 (UTC) Tyler: 16:00-00:00 (UTC)


How do I apply the discount towards the instruments?

Instruments are already discounted, all you have to do is add them to the cart. 

There are sounds like an instrument in the track which you haven't discussed?

We will discuss the main featured instruments in the tracks, some may use extra.

How long will the sale last on the featured instruments?

All discounted instruments will be on sale for one week, after the track has been published.

When is the winner announced for the contest?

All winners will be announced each Tuesday when the next track is released. 

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  • Edison Duran

    Hi Troels! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful creativity with us!. I’ve got some questions:
    1. When you’re composing, how do you approach the creation process?
    2. How many hours a day do you spend?
    3. Do you use the FX (reverbs, eq, etc) included in the instruments or do you use others?
    4. What tools do you use in the mastering process?


    • 8diocom

      1. Zimmer talks about approaching his movies as a blank canvas. I enjoy a similar process – approaching the creation without any thought in mind. It’s like athletes talking about being in the zone. The second I start thinking too much it never works.

      So in essence I let my ear guide me – with one simple rule: “If it sounds good – it is good.”

      Let your ear and heart guide you. That’s all. It really is!

      2. I recently started using the Pomodoro method. Meaning I work for 25 minutes completed focused and with no distractions, no social media pop ups or text messages. Turn it all off and just focus for 25 minutes. Then I take a break – as long as I need and go back and do it again. Sometimes it accumulates to maybe 2 hours and other days up to 8. The second inspiration starts dying – I walk away from it.

      3. I am not a big believer in too many effects. I like sounds in their natural state. To me it’s more about fixing in the mix. It has to sound perfect while I make it. This keeps me more inspired through the process. I normally just use the built in FX that comes with the instruments. External reverb is always ValhallaDSP.

      4. I don’t really master my tracks. I believe in fixing at the mix stage. But if I have to it’s assorted UAD and Fabfilter plugins for me.

      • Edison Duran

        Love your music, love your Master-Monster libraries, thank you very much Troels! 🙂

        • 8diocom

          And we love you!

    • Bryant Trae Gilbreath

      Thanks Troels for that bit of info, and if insolidus is not featured in tech Tuesday tracks any time soon, then I will gear up for black friday in the next 2 months, for sure. ok, now to a serious tech question. I do not believe in using a metronome for the majority of music that I create, I think that in doing so, an unnatural flow happens with the composition. Now when it comes to dance music, that would be an exception that I would have to endure.But I have found that when I simply play the instrument/s, as I hear the voicing in my mind’s ear, and don’t depend on a metronome to provide any form of precise timing, it has an imperfect perfection that sounds very natural and not by any means robotic. So now tell me Troels, do you use a metronome for most of your compositions, What is your say on the matter, tick tock or not?

      • 8Dio Productions LLC

        Good question. I use metronome for pieces that requires it (ex. fast-paced rhythmic stuff), but I don’t use it for pieces where its a distraction (ex. Awake with Insolidus Choir). I am also really picky about the sound of the metronome, since I have to listen to it so much. When I use it – I always switch it off the second I can – meaning other rhythmic elements are so defined they fulfill the same purpose as the metronome (ex. shaker). But as a general observation I don’t recommend too many YES or NO principles in music. It is an eternally open art form and by restricting yourself (ex. by NEVER using metronome) – you may lock yourself out too. So use it when it serves a purpose and let it go when it doesn’t.

  • Bryant Trae Gilbreath

    Hello Troels, 8dio is the best, and I appreciate what you all do with deep sampling, causing the best possible sounds to voice from the instruments that you sample. Tech tuesday is very exciting to me, because when you feature tracks made with certain instruments, then those instruments go on sale. So,could you please break down a track which has used insolidus, That choir instrumentation is a game changer, and I would leap at the chance to buy it, but I just need a small price break,as I’m not quite rich yet.Lol By the way, I think you and Colin are fantastic composers, and I get inspired from you all at times. Keep it up

    • 8diocom

      Hello Bryant,

      Thanks for your message! We will be selecting a various of different tracks over the next coming of weeks. I can´t guarantee that Insolidus will be featured in a track but as you know. Black

      Friday is only a couple of months away. “Giggles”


  • crychlyd

    Thanks for this – very excited to see what crops up from the community! Question, though: when you say a track requires a minimum of five 8dio instruments, are you referring to patches, or separate libraries? For instance, if I were to write something for a full orchestra and used Anthology Strings and Century Ensemble Brass, would I need to expand the instrumentation to incorporate three other libraries despite have used string ensemble, string solo, string divisi, trumpet, horn, trombone, etc. patches on discrete lines, numbering well over five?

    • 8diocom

      We are referring to separate libraries.

  • Edison Duran

    Congrats to Jeff Cuno, and the gift is fantastic, the sheppard tones!!! Woww, A very desired gift!

    • Thanks Edison! Perhaps I can pick your brain on your mixing tips? Your track was amazing!

    • 8diocom

      We like to celebrate 🙂

  • Lewis Wright

    Loving this! Please please get Ivan Torrent to break down one of his 8Dio demo tracks!

    • 8diocom

      Which one!?

      • Lewis Wright

        Architects of Life for Hybrid Tools or One Of Us for CAGE Brass!

  • Great track Mathew!

    • Matt Richardson

      Thanks Jeff!

  • Edison Duran

    Hi Troels I hope everything gets better soon in California.

    What a fantastic music Troels, I love every second of that piece! I have got many questions:

    1. 00:23 How many instances of Lacrimosa do you use for get more natural Flow of the multi vowels?
    2. What reverb or Mics(MIX DECA FAR) do you use for the Lacrimosa Choir?
    3. Do you use multiples types of reverb along the instruments or do you prefer to use the same type for all instruments?
    4. 2:38 Zeus Drums sounds great; V8P Real Drums Kin Ensemble contains the Zeus drums?
    5. 2:38 Do you use some type of compression for the Zeus drums?
    6. 2:54 What Synths do you use here?
    7. About the dynamic range. what’s your loudness for compose?
    8. About the dynamic range. How do you get the 0DB and an adequate loudness in you music without damaging the sound?
    9. Do you freeze your instruments before bounce to disk?

    Thanks for your time Troels, I really appreciate it! 😉

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Everything is crazy up here right now. We live in the middle of it all and many friends have lost everything. While there is nothing I can do about the immediate fire – I can however answer your questions:

      1. One instance – using the articulation sequencer
      2. Mixed microphone. I would probably use DECCA today, since I am starting to like drier hall samples more.
      3. No. I generally don’t use reverb on any channels – unless its a big verb (ValhallaShimmer) for a solo vocal
      4. Zeus is a deep-sampled drumkit. V8P Drum Ensembles are truly 10 different kits played together. I wrote this demo before we had even recorded the Extreme Ensembles (one of my fav libraries btw).
      5. Nope. Just one of the presets.
      6. 8Dio/8DM Flow House Synth Edition
      7. I don’t think about loudness, nor mastering,. Everything you hear is done at mix level.
      8. Put a mastering limiter at tail end of your master output chain. Ex. FabFilter, Glue, whatever works for you.
      9. No. I prefer to work an environment where I can work unrestricted. I have never in my life used freeze – cause to me it removes me from what I am supposed to do. I am a big believer in eliminating as many steps as possible between the initial thought and the end product. The fewer clicks – the better.

      Hope that helps.

      Best – T

      • Edison Duran

        Valuable information like water, and water is more than gold!

        You put my believes outside, my new philosophy “The fewer clicks – the better” 🙂

        Although my computer is not a Goliat and I have a David, I force myself to freeze tracks so I can continue.

        It makes me happy to know that I can draw from my mixing session a composition ready for the soundcloud. I need to work a lot on that but I’m very excited!

        Thank you Troels, best wishes for your land!

  • Thank you so much for choosing my tune as the winner! <3 Hope you guys enjoy it! My biggest challenges are on the mixing / mastering side of things, still trying to learn the basics

    • Edison Duran

      Great track Matti, congrats!

  • Edison Duran

    So wonderful music James!. Because is mystic, each composer has its ways to compose, to realise its creativity. What are your ways to create a new composition? How long do you take to create a new track?

  • Jami Katajisto

    Would there be any chance to do this with video, where composer tells his/hers process about making a track. For me personally, with video, it kind of brings composer closer to watcher/listener vs “just” telling verbally about the process of making a particular track. Great idea idea overall though! Best regards, Jami