8Dio Advent Calendar

Welcome to 8Dio´s traditional advent calendar 

25 days, 25 secret boxes, 25 opportunities to share our appreciation with a special offer valued up to $399, with any $99 purchase. 



You simply purchase any instruments above the required minimum spend and the free gift will be sent out automatically!

(It will NOT be added to the cart, but simply be sent out automatically by our smart downloader tool)


Yes, as long as it meets the minimum required spend for the gift, you’ll be sent the gift!


We can only offer the free gift that specific day. So remember to check in daily!


All purchases must meet the daily minimum requirements. Updated in the top of the promotion.


The free gift will change every day at midnight California Time (08:00 UTC)


Until December 25th 2017


Well stop being a grinch and join us at 8Dio for our festive celebrations!


Yes! But Century Launch Day will be a special event. 

  • Matt Richardson

    This is a really good deal and the fact that it still applies when buying on sale products is pretty awesome, 8dio Christmases are the best Christmases 😀

  • CookingforDads

    The question is when do we get our gifts? I purchased something yesterday to get the Hybrid tools, and I received no link or email. hmm?

    • 8diocom

      Could you please give me your order number. I will make sure to push this one forward.


      • CookingforDads

        51024 thanks. i just wondered if I did something wrong or didn’t understand.

        • CookingforDads

          Hello, still haven’t received any link or any thing at all?


    Hi guys, also been waiting since Saturday for Hybrid Tools 1, and made a purchase today that should qualify for Rhythmic Revolution… no sign of either one after a few emails/chats sent…

    • 8diocom

      Hi there. Could I please have you send me your order number. I will make sure to expedite this right away.

      • JKETM

        Thank you! My orders: #51031 (Sat 12/2 – Hybrid Tools 1) and #51316 (Tues 12/5 – Rhythmic Revolution).

        • JKETM

          Still no sign of either one… Been waiting 5 days… whats going on over there guys?

          • 8diocom

            It should be in your Inbox as we are speaking.

          • JKETM

            One of them showed up… the other (Rhythmic Revolutions) still missing… Thank you for helping get this sorted

          • JKETM

            All sorted now, many thanks guys!

  • Legends.

    • 8diocom

      You are a legend!

  • Uh, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t today’s gift Rhythmic Revolution? It’s changed to Suspended Percussion. Oh, the time difference isn’t the same. It’s 10:30 pm over here.

    • 8diocom

      That´s why high-roller! We are open for swappings the next couple of hours!

  • Roberto Pompili

    hi guys, just purchased Apo Guit. How can I get the Gift of the day?

  • Roberto Pompili

    Order #51661

  • William Walker

    How long should it take to get the gift? If the smart downloader tool was supposed to send it to me, it doesn’t seem to have. Just ordered about 45 minutes ago, so if it takes a while that’s fine. Just wondering how it works. Order #51706

    • William Walker

      Got it. Yay!!

  • Ulrich Bartel

    Hi guys, can you check order #51740 and give the gift a push please? Much appreciated – many thanks !! Uli from ArtOfMelodyProject

    • Ulrich Bartel

      Got it now – many thanks !!

  • I’m holding out for the 24th. Wanna get me some Taikos.

    • Alex Tee

      I wonder what’s on 25th!

      • I’m hoping a 50% discount store wide, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Alex Tee


    • Don’t even try, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

      • Alex Tee

        Why though???

        • Because the gift’s maximum value is $399.

          • Alex Tee

            Ohhhh i seee!

  • Loïc Desjardins

    Hi, I’ve been ordering a 99 USD product (8DIOBOE) and still didn’t get today’s gift yet (the amazing Laurie). Order is #52451. I hope everything is fine. Regards.

  • I’m gonna take a punt here – from tomorrow onward it’s Suspended Tonal Percussion, Hybrid Rhythms, Free Radicals, Free Angels, Free You and Epic Taiko Ensemble.

  • David Morton

    I’m wondering if the “special event” will be the standout contest or something like it. It would be awesome if it was a sale tho.

  • Clay LaHatte

    Hi 8Dio. I’m just curious if you will try this “Free You” thing again? Thanks.

    • Only if Troels can find willing participants who want to contribute samples to the library and not get paid for doing it.

    • 8diocom

      We have something planned for 2018.

      Just wait out!

      Happy Holidays


    Well that was an anti climax, a non commercial demo!! Wish I hadn’t waited for the last day! Oh well, will have to wait until next time!

    • This special event should have been scheduled for April 1st. 8Di-Oh.

  • A free try pack that should have came out with the library is the most underwhelming “special event” I’ve ever seen. Ever. Nice job guys.

  • I’m guessing next year’s 8Derp-O Christmas “special event” will be a signed jpeg picture of Troels. But that may be expecting too much.

  • Tune Smith

    well that was a disappointment, I’ve been waiting for something cool when I BUY THE STRING Bundle to get 60% off, Bummer!

    • That’s 8Derp-O for you.

      • Michael Vignola

        Alex, thats funny, 8Derp-O lol

  • Daniel MacKinnon

    Wow. I put off purchases at other sites expecting some amazing deal on the 25th. Some “Special Gift” – that’s pretty embarrassing. I did take advantage of the advent calendar 2 days this year but I think I’m going to abstain next year. I would have even grabbed the New Ensemble Taikos with another purchase yesterday had I known about this.

    And also – “Valued up to $399”? The highest I saw was $199 (and these libraries all should be priced lower than that too).
    Perhaps I missed the one library that came like that and I do understand the marketing lingo of ‘up to’ but feel pretty underwhelmed with the selections. Did we get some really neat deals during this month? Yes! Did I enjoy it earlier? Yes! Hope you guys take this into consideration so you don’t lose other advent calendar customers next year.

    • This is the defining thing that concretes 8Derp-O as hype-trolls. People may defend the company (in very overly-excited ways) but come crunch time 8Derp-O proves that it’s not the customers it cares about, it’s the bottom line: the dollar line. 8Derp-O is a business and nothing else.

      • William Walker

        Of course it is. You thought maybe it was a public charity aimed at you?

  • Brian Mays

    You sound like Varuca Salt!

    • No, whining about there being a “special event” announced.

    • Reece Milliner

      I tend to defend companies when customers expect too much out of them. However, in this case, this is not about entitlement at all. There can be a point where a company can make mistakes. You can argue something like how “they don’t owe us anything”, but without our money, they have no company. Plain and simple.

      People set themselves back from getting deals elsewhere in order to get this “deal” which didn’t exist. Think about that before you continue to accuse people of “entitlement”.

      • Exactly my thoughts.

      • 8diocom

        Appreciate your honest feedback. We did our very-best to give somthing to the entire community with this advent calendar. We hope to make it up to you next year.

        Happy Holidays.

        • blackflies

          Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Like I said, I do think you guys make great products.

          As far as the business side of things go, one could almost think of it as a never-ending learning curve, so my advice (if you want it) would be to learn from this. You’ve seen the feedback here. Learn from the feedback and become a better company from the experience, and not just from the negative comments but also the good comments as well. 🙂

          (Edit: Oops I meant to be on my other email. Oh well. lol)


    This “Special Event” was a big mistake for 8dio as it has put me off future purchases because I dont trust them now! I had $400 in my watchlist but im going to spend that somewhere else now!

    • Michael Vignola

      Yeah, I hear ya on that, people can have their heads up their ass sometimes and lose sight of where they came from.

    • 8Derp-O.

    • 8diocom

      We are sorry to hear that you don´t trust us because we gave something free to the entire community. We did our very best with this campaign and are sorry if you feel let down. We hope to make it up for you next year.

      • That reads as slightly sarcastic and ignorant to WHY customers are expressing this opinion of 8Dio. It behoves you as a representative of a company with paying customers to not treat such an oversight with such dismissal, as we the customers are your life’s-blood. Oh, and just to counter your argument for “gave something free to the community” – we are not targeting your advent calendar campaign, merely the 25th day as being a “special event” – which by the evidence and results, have caused many to save money for something they believed would be worth it, all the while perhaps forfeiting the earlier deals just in case this “special event” turned out to be a great opportunity for said customers. I will add that releasing a non-commercial free library as a prize is in its very essence, impractical as it is as stated “non commercial” and therefore only for purely novel or advertising means in support of an actual paid library. To finish this, I will add that if you all had done your literal best with this campaign you would have not claimed the advent giveaways were worth up to $399 (which they weren’t even close, and you knew that) but you would have also had the common sense and business foresight to predict what would happen when proclaiming a “special event” on Christmas Day and not believe in any form that your customer’s expectations would be raised. This is basic knowledge for those with and without degrees in sales and marketing. I personally however, do not hold 8Dio or its members in contempt, as I am aware that the company has a history of particularly chaotic and anti-consumer friendly behaviour – one example would be Troels’ article on “how to ruin the music industry” posted a while back. This article neither served a purpose for attracting customers or provided any practical help to those who read it, and was more of a personal attack on what Troels’ called “prostitutes of music”, and this very article undermined the fact that 8Dio as a sample provider gives these so called “prostitutes” the very ammunition with which to “undercut” established composers by offering free work. Finally, as a side point, if you’re interested in doing the best you can for your customers, post a blog on how to solve the long loading times for Anthology on Windows by -deactivating Windows Defender and other virus protection programs-, instead of letting your customers continue to ask question after question to other users on outside forums (like VI Control) as to why they are experiencing this problem. Address the issue with your library yourself and help your customers who own Anthology. If your customers ever express disappointment in your company, and they clearly are genuine about their concerns, then you’ve got something to think about. End of story.

      • The important reply I left here previously that comments on a fix for an 8Dio library was removed from this forum and displays the utter ignorance of 8Dio toward their customers expressing free speech, recommendation and concern. 8Dio should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to silence my opinion, which was based in fact. I will be using the information I have collected to prepare a public article on this particular case of suppression of opinion and speech.

        • William Walker

          Free speech has nothing to do with what a company does on their own website. It has to do with the government restricting speech. You have no guaranteed right to have your posts on their site.

          • It has nothing to do with my right to free speech. There’s this thing that some companies like to do when they get bad feedback or reviews – it’s called “suppression”, and it’s simply bad business. Most decent businesses shy away from that kind of thing because it comes off as dishonest and personal.

  • Reece Milliner

    I feel like I just waited all month for a lump of coal in my stocking! I’m glad at least I bought a couple of smaller things for gifts earlier this month. lol

    • Don’t hold your breath. Expectation can result in disappointment. And when customers get disappointed some people will call them “whingers” (read the comments here and you’ll find someone who claims we are whinging because we expected an ACTUAL special event). If you don’t want to be called a “whinger” because you were led to believe a special event would actually be a special event, just don’t expect anything.

  • Raees Rahim

    Nooooo …
    I held off on getting the taiko ensemble yesterday. I appreciated the rest of the sale though.
    Merry Christmas 8dio.

    • 8diocom

      Happy Holiday Rasees.

  • Alex Tee

    Awww man! I thought it would be something that is valued $399 on 25th! But luckily i bought something that gave me hybrid tools! So thank you 8Dio!

    • Hybrid Tools Neo would have made an awesome 25th gift…

    • 8diocom

      You are very Welcome Alex. Happy Holidays!

  • Hmmm

    Well, unfortunately, I guess I’d have to echo some of the disappointment mentioned here previously regarding the curious ending to the 25 day holiday promotion. I’m glad to have gotten in on some of the holiday offerings but was waiting, as others were, to perhaps purchase the Century bundle with the expectation the free gift was going to really be something special. I look forward to see what is contained in the freebie version but have reset my sights on other substitutes for the Century bundle although it does seem like it might be a very special product. There are certainly a lot of great musical products produced by 8dio but making a freebie version of Century the ultimate gift for Day 25 seems like quite a marketing error, imo. Kinda like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second. Anyway, looking forward to playing with the products I did purchase prior to this.

    • That’s 8Derp-O for you. The freebie should have came out with the library and the special event should have either been labelled “Christmas!” or been another gift that was actually a newer library or a library actually valued at $399 as stated. I personally didn’t buy anything because I knew companies like Spitfire Audio would give out a massive discount for libraries on the customers’ wishlists. So I got Chamber Strings as my present.

  • Joshua Richman

    #53139 Wurlizter and haven’t received my Epic Taiko Ensemble yet.
    Looking forward to it! I grabbed this great deal when I saw it! Thanks 8Dio

    • 8diocom

      Should be at you now.

  • Matt Levin

    I bought the 1969 Steinway Legacy Piano for $149 on the 24th, and have still not received a download code for the New Epic Taiko Large Ensemble library. Can someone please help me? I have already sent an email. My order number is 53143. Thanks!

    • This comment was removed in order to silence my very real concerns about 8Dio’s behaviour and a fix for the Anthology loading times for Windows users.