Century Brass Bundle – Reviews


“…You would find in the course of time this is a very strong library when it comes to blending in with other hybrid trailer, big full-on action… it would do this really really well…”


“Century Brass Bundle character and tone are of distinctive, excellent sounding quality. As Century Strings also Century Brass has joined the tiny and selected club of the leading library. You can create tension and other emotion from century brass to drive an emotion in a trailer, advertising,  or your next score for a movie….”


“…the overall sound and playability of this package makes it well worth its weight. Whether you’re going for a warm and soft brass chorale or an over-the-top epic trailer masterpiece, this bundle is an excellent choice….”


“…This is a world-class orchestral library and it truly sounds that way! Also, the amount and quality of the articulations makes it a very versatile tool […]Anyway, this sounds great, and by that I mean world-class. So, if you work in composing for movies, tv, theatre plays or anything that will need great orchestral brass instruments and ensembles, well, my friend: this is definitely for you!”