NEW VLOG N°5: “Be Chill Dude”

  • Aaron Scharmer

    Hi My Name is Aaron Scharmer and I’m a composer from Central WI. My PX is on order and I’m wondering: what is that unit behind your PX that allows you loop-like improvisation, as featured on YouTube where you can add layer of material over a so many bars in real time?

    Thank you Sir,

    A New Fan

    • Troels Folmann

      Boss RC-300 Loop Station

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Boss RC-300 Loop Station

  • Nate

    In the hope that Troels reads this, hear me out! As an avid customer and user of 8dio’s products, I can’t say enough great things about their products. I have been watching Troels Library reviews/walk-throughs for years and have always appreciated not only the enthusiasm he brings but also the high level knowledge he has on how to use them. I’ve read many “trolls” commenting on his review style or that he’s just “too talented and dang good” at what he does to do an honest review because at the end of the day we aren’t Troels. I personally disagree. He pushes his libraries to the max and offers much insight and creative ways to use them. In no way am I knocking the more current reviewers as they are skilled and well versed in the product, but I must admit I find myself less “pumped” about a new library being offered when I watch the walkthroughs. I, myself, know that the next library that comes out will be silly good, but does a first time customer??? Anyhow, I’m sure Troels is damn busy so maybe that is what’s up. Brings Troels back! Just an 8dio addicted dude.