8Dio 2018 Christmas Scoring Contest

Thank you to every single entry for the competition we thoroughly enjoyed listening to the huge range and creativity of all the videos!


4 members of the 8Dio team (all who are active musicians and composers) watched every submitted video. We created a shortlist of the top 20 Videos which had the highest average scores.


We are giving the top 7 runners up 66 Basses as a free gift! Congratulations to the following composers!


2nd place: Clément Simounet

3rd place: Szymon Szewczyk

4th place: Cornell Boshoff

5th place: Shobhana Shreedhar

6th place: Ruslan Lepatov

7th place: Michal Zahradnicek

8th place: Shane Turner


Check feedback for their scores in the video below!


Finally award winning composer and founder of 8Dio, Troels Folmann, then chose the final winner: Peter Satera, noting the following:


“An unusual choice of instruments – bringing something unexpected to the forest.  Perhaps something happened there once? Perhaps the forest holds its secrets.  Beautiful use of the 66 Basses Ensemble and not overscored it.  Just perfect.”


A huge congratulations to Peter Satera!


Check out his winning submission below:



Music has the overwhelming ability to give the same scene or shot so many different emotions. In the right hands music can sway the audience to feel a wide range of emotions, from an angelic walk through the park, to a scary horror movie, right up to tragedy and loss.


We want to hear your voice. What do you hear when you see the same images as everyone else. 

Follow the details below to learn about our contest.


Your score must only contain a maximum of 3 Instruments. Instruments used must be from the 8Dio catalogue (you can use any 8Dio Instrument on our site, including the Free Try Packs (No Purchase Necessary)

Download the provided video below and compose an original score to the scene. 

Remember this contest is all about YOU and what YOU feel. 

What do you sound like?


See below for full terms and conditions





Good luck to everyone who entered!




Check out Troels Folmann’s georgous example made using only Acoustic Grand Ensembles

  • Compose your track using any 3 instruments or less from the 8Dio catalogue. (Final track must be 3 Tracks Total or less)
  • Free Try Packs can be used if you need more instruments.
  • Upload your track to Youtube.com.
  • Tracks or videos must be named “8Dio Scoring Contest – [Your Name]”.
  • You must state the Library/Instrument used in the description of your upload.
  • Send the link to your uploaded track to Beta@8dio.com with the subject “8Dio Christmas Scoring Contest”. We are only able to accept streamable links, downloadable links will not be accepted.
  • We are only accepting one entry per customer.
  • Enter before 11:59 PM 12/31/2018 for you chance to win. 
  • We will announce the winner early 2019, the winner will be announced on 8dio.com and further social media platforms.
  • The Winner will receive a $2,000 Gift voucher to spend on any available library and will be automatically upgrade to V8P. More information on V8P is available HERE

Good to luck to all entrants and happy composing!

– 8Dio xoxo