HOW TO: Get your Anthology v 1.2 Update

HOW TO: Get your Anthology Strings v 1.2 Update


We have now shipped an update to our esteemed Anthology Library. The update includes several fixes for a few smaller issues that have come to light since the original launch. We have also added a number of additional patches (.nki’s) after feedback from the community. The additional patches will help improve load times and workflow in larger projects by allowing you to load only the sections that you require.

How to update:

***You Do Not Need To Re-Download The Entire Library***

If you are downloading the product after the 7th of January 2019 you will have been automatically sent the updated version, so download as you normally would and you will receive the updated version. If you are unsure on how to do this follow the link below:

 If you already own the product and wish to update to the latest version get in touch with our support team via live chat at or by mailing and we will send you the updated serial. 


See below on how to update your library if you already have the 1.0 version:


HOW TO: Update without re-downloading sample content

  • Get in touch with support for your new serial


  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and download the last .rar file. This will not have ‘part’ in the name (e.g 8Dio Anthology_123456.rar or something similar)


  • You should now have a new additional folder named 8Dio Anthology Strings that contains Instrument  and Documents sub-folders. Move your new Instrument folder to your original 8Dio Anthology Strings folder, replacing the old Instrument folder 

  •  This will replace the old .nki files with the newly updated .nki files. 

Congratulations you have now updated your library


We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio How To Series. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

– Team 8Dio

  • ElRobboz

    Thank you very much for updating this and releasing it without a surcharge!
    I haven’t really noticed an appreciable difference from v1 in the loading time so far (I haven’t actually timed it, just commenting on general feeling), however the addition of each individual section is a fabulous bonus and allows some valuable flexibility.
    Thank you! :o)

  • Vincenzo Russo

    Loading time is still awkwardly long, too long even after batch resaving and turning Windows defender off. The ability to load the sections individually is great but still only a workaround. A real shame.

    • Hi Vincenzo,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The loading improvements can be found in the additional patches, as these contain less samples then the master patches, which as you can see – contain everything. The opening times differ from machine to machine depending on anti virus settings, drive speeds, Kontakt load settings, Kontakt Version, OS etc. Ranging from 2-15 seconds on various tested optimised systems to several minutes on others. This is due to checking tens of thousands of samples in a singular patch. Ambitious, but fundamental to certain workflows. We understand not everyone requires this singular patch design, so we split up the main patches, allowing you to open the library in smaller patches effectively increasing the load time by around 3x. e.g On a factory shop iMac (2015), Kontakt 5.6 (with background loading turned on) the load time for each of the split patches is now just under 2.5 seconds (the master being 5-8 seconds depending on background tasks). If background loading is activated the loading of samples into RAM occurs after a patch has been verified and opened and is dependant on personal streaming settings, drive speed and available / speed of RAM.
      We hope you enjoy the new split patches and they help with more defined and accurate patch loading.
      – 8Dio x

      • ElRobboz

        Heheh…it took about one minute to load the viola divisi patch on my desktop. :o)

        • Please get in touch with us over at Loading of a patch and loading of samples into RAM are different mechanisms and both have different solution. We are more than happy to help you with both. The newly generated “Split” patches should help with the initial load time. Thanks – 8Dio x

      • Vincenzo Russo


        People do not only use iMac…

        Splitting out the ensembles can help ease the pain of having to wait for too long if you do not need all ensembles immediately. However as the projects build up you end up having to load the whole ensembles at some point even if divided, which means that you’ll have to wait for long time before you can start working every time you recall them.

        I have other libraries (Spitfire’ Audio’s being the largest) and do not experience these sorts of problems (not to mention the inability to select ensembles in the section mixer, I’m still waiting an answer on this from your support) so it doesn’t really look like the optimisation is needed on our end but rather your end.

        • Hi Vincenzo,
          We understand, and half of testing always occurs on a PC as this is our primary system.
          Please do re email support from your previous ticket and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Our support and live chat team also have some great tips and advice to help improve load times for larger libraries such as this.
          We look forward to hearing from you over at

  • Xiao Zhong Hui

    thank you for updating!

  • ElRobboz

    Well, I have to say I’m now rather impressed at the improvement in speed! After adjusting folder properties and batch re-saving in Kontakt, on advice from 8dio’s support agent Tyler, I’ve experienced a radical improvement in load times on par with the response to Vincenzo’s comment! Excellent stuff! Once again, thank you for the ongoing support of your products!