The Results are in…

To the massively talented 8Dio community!

Thank you to everyone who entered our second ‘Score This’ competition. We have received an overwhelming number of creative entries, and it was a pleasure to see everyone’s different outlook on this film!

With the very high standard of entries, picking a winner was very difficult, but our team listened to every single one and would like to congratulate the following winner.

Congratulations to Pascal Lamarche, your track “The Awake” blew us all away!   

Here is what Troels had to say:

… Pascal’s track was exclusively made with our 1990 Prepared Piano.  It follows the same understated vibe as the footage. Embracing the minimalism and solitude of the entire concept.  It also demonstrates that music doesn’t always have to be loud or elaborate to be effective.  Sometimes you just need a track or two.  ”  

Check out Pascal’s winning composition below:

It was – in usual fashion – incredibly difficult to pick just one winner.  The list below shows the final pool of contestants, which all received a substantial amount of votes.  We wanna acknowledge all of you by sending you our next release (Super Cluster) for FREE. You will receive the library automatically in your email upon release – and feel free to join our next scoring contest too (Which is about Super Cluster):

In alphabetical order:

Adriaan van Niekerk
Alessandro Quatela

Blavec Florian
Eris Kuiper
Flavio G Cuccurullo
Giancarlo Bonfa
Gimmi Pace
Jordan Bennett
Justine D
Ladislav Trojak
Michal Zahradníček
Oleksandr Fokshtein
Peter Garnvik
Raab Christian
Sato No Haru
 Jason Moore

Please get in touch with – in case you have any questions.

Thanks for all your amazing submissions – keep it up!

With all the amazing entries we have received from the Christmas Scoring Contest, we have decided to run an all new series of scoring competitions, we are calling: Score This. 


We received well over 400 unique and inspiring entries and loved listening to every single one. we especially enjoyed how you all showcased the many ways 8Dio Instruments can inspire the scoring process. 


We wanted to open this new competition series to give everyone the chance to to Score to picture. Focusing on the Community aspect of the competition we want to encourage everyone to comment, like and learn from one another. 


For this new competition we want to take things a step further! We want to hear what you can do with a single instrument, and we want YOU to choose the finalists. 


See Below for More Info… 

Submission Rules

  • Download the video from the link below. 
  • Score the entire video with only ONE 8Dio Instrument, (External Processing is Allowed). 

  • Upload the entire unedited video to YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This – [Your Name] – [Song Title]”. 

  • Make sure the video is public and contains the following tags #8Dio #ScoreThis.

  • List the 8Dio Library and Patch/Articulation used within your score in the video description.

  • You can use as many tracks as you would like as long as you are using 1 instrument. 

  • Entry Closing Date – Closed

  1. Our panel will select a Winner from the 10 most “liked” video entries, so be sure to “like” and comment on your favourites.  Ok.  On popular demand (and by sound reasoning) we are skipping the social media frenzy! You guys were right. 8Dio will exclusively choose the winner or winners like we did on the first contest.  Thanks for your input all!

  2. Please send a youtube link to your uploaded video to with the subject as Score This [Your Name].

  3. The chosen winner will receive three 8dio instruments of their choice! (Prophet series not included)