Score This: Christopher Young


We have partnered with iconic composer Christopher Young to create our largest “Score This” contest to date! Winner of the prestigious BMI Richard Kirk Award and Golden Globe Nominee, Chris is a true icon of cinema, with a filmography of over 100 films Chris’ works cover a vast range of classics from Pet Sematary, Spiderman 3, Hellraiser, Sinister, Swordfish and Ghost Rider to only name a few.


To celebrate Chris’ involvement we are offering a massive $8500 worth of prizes and 40% off all the Chris Young libraries (Chris Young Textural Worlds, Chris Young Orchestral Touches, Chris Young The Collection).


We have prepared a short clip using the legendary film Nosferatu (1922). This film stood the test of time as one of the silent era’s most influential masterpieces. With eerie visuals accompanied, Nosferatu helped define the future of horror films, and now we want to hear your creative vision on this timeless classic


We have a massive $8500 prize for the top 3 entries that will be judged by the 8Dio team and Christopher Young.


1st Place: $5000 Voucher to


2nd Place: $2500 Voucher to


3rd Place: $1000 Voucher to

*Prophet X/XL Hardware not included

Submission Rules

  • Download the video from the link below.

    Mac: Click the three dot icon and then download.

    PC: right click and click Save Video As

  • Score the entire video using mainly sounds from one or more of the Chris Young libraries, Chris Young Textural WorldsChris Young Orchestral TouchesChris Young The Collection.

  • Every submission must feature the ‘Chris Young’ collection as the sonic center of gravity.

  • Only 8Dio libraries can be used.

  • You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar) on the track, and any additional processing needed (ex. Compression, EQ, Distortion).

  • Remember: The Chris Young collection must be the main focal point of each entry.

  • Upload the entire unedited video to YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This: Chris Young – [Your Name] – [Song Title]”.

  • List any of articulation used from the Chris Young series. List all 8Dio libraries and any real instruments used.

  • Please send a YouTube link to your uploaded video to with the subject as Score This Christopher Young [Your Name].

  • Only 1 submission per participant.

  • Entry Closing Date 18th June 2019

  • The top 3 winners will receive a voucher towards any 8Dio/V8P instruments of their choice! (Prophet series not included)

If you have any questions please reach out to our live support or through our support email at

  • Александр Строганов

    Hi, 8DIO Team. Can I use some non-kontakt sample libraries and synthesisers, like Serum, Omnisphere, etc?

    • djsmps


    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Sure, sure!

  • Sweff

    lol…can never enter these competitions…always need things you don’t have to be eligible to for things you don’t have.

  • Dmitry Efimov

    In 2014 I finished my own soundtrack for Nosferatu and upload it on Youtube but now I will do something new for this great contest. One question. I cannot to import this video into my Cubase. Does anyone know what to do? Can I convert main video?

    • Shazerthor

      When you go to download the video when you go to save it you just name it .mp4 at the end and it downloads in mp4. (From what I remember)

      • Dmitry Efimov

        Wow! Great! Thank you!

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Hit us up on livechat on and we will get you set up

  • Guiom

    I wanted to participate but I don’t have the money to buy these wonderful librairies for now….

    • Shazerthor

      Always seems that way. Can’t break into the 8dio market through competitions without breaking your wallet. I’d use 8dio vsts if they’d give me some haha

      • Guiom

        I have some, but not this collection unfortunately 🙁

  • Florent Ainardi

    well i am out for this competition, i have some 8dio library but none of the christopher young.perhaps ofr the next score this contest if i have the library needed for. good luck to all competitor
    question to 8Dio : can i use the video to make a score on it ? thanks

  • Darren Heard

    I’ve really enjoyed these competitions but like many others my wallet can’t stretch as far to purchase additional niche libraries. Many composers have a limited budget so obviously target more generic libraries to cover as much scope as possible. Would it be possible for 8Dio to offer a try pack for the required library specified in each competition? Hate to miss out as I love taking part.

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Good feedback. We will be mindful of that moving forward!

      • Darren Heard

        Great, thanks for the reply 🙂

    • Chris Iskandar

      same here. won’t be able to be part of this one.

  • Ryan

    I have opted to entirely use my Christopher Young library for this one. No additional instruments or libraries. Just getting as creative as possible with what is there to honor the genius of Mr. Young.

    • 8Dio Productions LLC

      Love it!

      • Ryan

        Thanks! The YouTube link has been emailed to the proper email address. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so 🙂