Apollo Scoring Contest

Congratulations to Ryan Fogal, check out his winning entry here:

During the Apollo program in the 1960s and 1970s, NASA sent nine missions to the Moon, six of them landed astronauts safely on the surface. July 20th 2019, marks the 50th Anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon in 1969, as part of NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar mission. NASA will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon-landing mission and its impact on the future of space exploration with a live, two-hour broadcast Friday, July 19th (https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive). 


To celebrate this Historical leap in mankind’s history, we are holding a special ‘Score This’ contest with a prize of $1000 store credit! We want to see what the moon looks like where you are. To enter this contest simply take a photo or video of the moon from wherever you are in the world and compose a short 30-second score showcasing what inspires you.


You can check the upcoming phases of the moon at your location here: 




Submission Rules


  • Take a picture/video of the moon from where you are in the world. (The image/video needs to be taken or created by the participant). 


  • Create a 30-second score to your picture/video using any 8DIO LIBRARY.


  • You can use as many tracks and 8Dio libraries as you wish. (Only 8Dio libraries may be used in the contest)


  • You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar) on the track, and any additional processing needed (ex. Compression, EQ, Distortion, Reverb).


  • Upload your finished video on YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This: Moon – [Your Name]”


  • List all 8Dio libraries/patches and any real instruments used, as well as the location and date the footage was taken (State or City/Country) in the description. 


  • Send a YouTube link to your uploaded video and the original image/video used to contest@8dio.com with the subject as Score This: Moon [Your Name].


  • Only 1 submission per participant.


  • The Winner will receive a voucher towards any 8Dio/V8P instruments of their choice! (Prophet series not included)


  • Delivery deadline July 20th, the moon landing anniversary.


  • If you have any questions please reach out to our live support or through our support email at Support@8dio.com
  • Stephen Downs

    First rule : “Take a picture/video of the moon from where you are in the world”
    Really? How will you know that this rule has been followed?

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  • Giuseppe

    It’s not easy to take a picture of the moon without a good camera…😞

    • Tyler Gillis

      Blurry phone cameras sound good to us 🙂

    • Tyler Gillis

      Blurry phone camera photos works for us 🙂

    • ElRobboz

      Isn’t this more about your composition than your image, Guiseppe? Chopin never had a camera but produced some timeless pieces about the moon…bugger the fancy camera – take a quick video or image have a crack at popping out an amazing 30 sec score that creates mood and atmosphere! Looking forward to hearing your stuff! :o)

      • Giuseppe

        Obviously it’s more about my composition…The song is ready…I’m struggling to take a decent pic that doesn’t seem a wall light! 🙂

        • ElRobboz

          Sounds like you have a title, right there! ;o)

          • Giuseppe

            Finally i did it! 😉

          • 8Dio Productions

            Hi Giuseppe,

            Yes it’s all about the music, the picture or video is just there for inspiration – it’s still a scoring contest 🙂

          • Giuseppe

            Sure! I only hope there will not be a contest where i should paint a picture!!! 😁

        • 8Dio Productions

          Blurry phone photos work for us 🙂

  • Chris Iskandar

    yep. cant imagine that many people participate in this one.

  • Scorpio72

    So they don’t offer any trial usage of any sound libraries like EastWest soundsonline.com does for their contests?

    Yeah, probably Gona have to pass on this one unfortunately.

  • Mike Zubiena

    Real instruments. So I can use a real synth as long as it’s not a plugin from another company, correct? Like if I have a real Moog synth.

    • Kevin

      They told me “you can use synthesizers, the only limitation is other samplers”. Deadline is 11:59pm PST July 20th.

      • 8Dio Productions

        Yes real instruments, synthesizers & vocals are all allowed 🙂

  • Bthree

    What if it’s two images of the moon from the same moment? Basically a before and after the brightness was adjusted to see more of the shape of the Moon. First image is of the clouds with the Moon blown out and then the sky dark with just the little white sphere visible at night?

  • Garry Becker

    ABout Rules : Is there a possibility to push the time duration to 35/36 seconds by any chance ??

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  • florent83

    is there a playlist with all composition available for listening ?