N°8: “Why Do We Always …”

VLOG N°8: “Why Do We Always..”

Troels discusses an important issue that every composer faces from time to time…

  • Brandon Wamsley

    What kind of keyboard do you use?

  • Brandon Wamsley

    What kind of DAW do you use?

    • 8Dio Productions

      Hi Brandon,

      Troels uses Studio One by PreSonus

  • David Suarez

    Start up a new project, stare at the screen, load up Kontakt… Save project file and never visit this project again. Happens alot to me. or even half way into an idea and saving it for later. Even if I’m not writing a deep orchestral score, I’ll be writing some Hip Hop or Rock or Metal to stay fresh.

    But even when writing something new feels like a headache, remixing helps us remember what makes a song great. The Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass Guitar etc. etc. I believe it was Billy Sheehan who said it best, but he essentially reinforced the cover/remix that helps remind us. And even when you remix like you did Troels, you can take a song you really enjoy and sort of put it into a different perspective of a genre.