Score This The Captain

The Results are in

To the massively talented 8Dio community!


Thank you to everyone that entered our sixth “Score This” contest, with almost 200 entries this was our biggest and toughest competition yet! It was brilliant to see the amazing range of styles and inspirational scores with each and every composer showing their own voice. 


Congratulations to the following runner ups who will all receive our latest Hybrid Tools Release for FREE (The below list is in no particular order).


Gimme Pace

Joe Santa Maria

Wouter Meijer

Sean Villa Gonzales

Ron de Gusmão Lobo

Rhett Landon

Franco Miquio

Ladislav Trojak

Mikey O’Neil

Pawel Morytko


Finally, the winner, with his superb track “Majestic,” Congratulations to Nicolas Stackhouse! We have also included a surprise for everyone that entered The Captain Scoring Contest! (Check your emails for more details)

Watch All the Winning Entries Here:


1st Place: $2000 Voucher to*


Runners Up: The Top Ten runners up get our yet to be announced Hybrid Release for FREE.


*Prophet X/XL Hardware not included

Submission Rules

  • Download the video from the link below. (Click the three dot icon and then download)

  • Score the entire video featuring one or more 8Dio instruments as the main element of the track.

  • Upload the entire unedited video to YouTube with the title “8Dio Score This: The Captain – [Your Name] – [Song Title]”. 

  • List all the Libraries used and the featured 8dio libraries.

  • You can use as many tracks and libraries as you wish (it must feature one or more 8Dio libraries as the main tonal center of the composition)

  • You can ALSO use real instruments (ex. guitar, piano, violin, etc) on the track and/or synths both analog and digital.  

  • Please send a youtube link to your uploaded video to with the subject as Score This – The Captain – [Your Name].

  • Only 1 submission per participant

  • Entry Closing Date – Closed

  • If you have any questions please reach out to our live support or through our support email at
  • There are some absolutely beautiful shots in this footage! Looking forward to giving this a bash!

  • Jari Marikainen

    Wow. Very exciting indeed. Quite a challenge. Long video and zero background sounds.

    • We didn’t want to sway anyone’s writing styles, but it should be a very fun contest! We are looking forward to hearing everyone’s score!

      • Okan US

        When should we expect the results? 🙂
        Best Regards

  • Raees Rahim

    This is an exciting project to work on.
    I’ll definitely be entering this one.

  • Johansson Cisneros

    So, by saying “List all the Libraries used and the featured 8dio libraries.” this means I can use other libraries? of course I know the main instruments or the majority needs to be 8Dio, I just want to be sure

    • KS Chan

      Does it mean real instruments only? libraries produced by other companies? I am wondering too….!!

      • 8Dio Productions

        You can use any sample libraries you wish and any real instruments but it must feature one or more 8Dio libraries – happy composing 🙂

  • Steve

    Do the 8W libraries work as “featured instruments” for this competition?

  • Carlos Aguero

    Who will be judging the contest?

    • 8Dio Productions

      The contest will be judged by a panel from the 8Dio team including our founder Troels Folmann

      • Okan US

        Are there any news guys?

  • Sine Glider

    I will try and join in as soon as I can get Cubase to recognise the video. I converted the apple based m4v file to mp4 using three different methods. Cubase couldn’t open any of them. Currently trying to make an avi. Wish me luck.

  • Steven Buckner

    I’m going to enter, but I decided not to listen Troels version because I know his version will sound too good and I probably will be to jaded into making mine sound sort of like his. So I look forward to doing my own take of the piece and see what comes of it. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Chris Iskandar

    Big Props to 8Dio for letting us use other libraries aswell. This gives more people the ability to enter the contest and still feature some of 8Dios amazing sounds 🙂

  • thomas van der burg

    Honest: When i only use one small library of yours, do I still have chance? Or does the person that solely uses all the great, big 8dio libraries have a bigger chance at winning? It is after all an 8dio comptetition. Very curious!

  • Nicault Stephane

    I think this version will win the contest, all is good in this trailer, perfect. :o)

  • Emm Tajada

    Hey, whats the tempo of the original scoring?

  • Okan US

    20 october midnight? 🙂 eastern daytime? 🙂

    • Joshua Watson

      I hope so, I just saw the contest this morning so i’m rushing

      • Okan US

        Just like me :)) good luck.
        May the music be with you 🙂

  • MarlonBrandon

    if i send my link i have to wait a response email with the participation confirmation??

  • Florent Ainardi

    not enough time to join the contest, i am sure that we will hear great composition for this one, the video is very great with a lot of differnet motion, point of view, rythm

  • Wow, this took me a while, but I just sent in my submission. I am very happy with it no matter if I win or not. I had fun. May the best man win. Good luck to you all!

  • andre_lefebvre

    How can we be notified of other upcoming competitions? Nov 2 and I just found out. Thanks!

  • Tony Tete de Brique

    Any news about the result, winner?

  • Lance Conque

    i was late to this competition but would still love to download the video for practice work. Can I get a link

  • ElRobboz

    This one’s been a while in the judging—must be a formidable task…any forecasts for final decisions on the yardarm?

    • Okan US

      Just writing to give some energy to this competition 🙂

      • ElRobboz

        Thanks for your support, Okan US. I’m not sure what’s happened with this one. Can’t tell whether it’s abandoned or simply postponed in its judgement. Either way, it would be only polite to let people know what is going on.

        • Okan US

          We expect nice things from 2020 :)) lets not lose hope 🙂

  • Hello! Are you planning to announce a winner? Or have you already? I couldn’t find anything on your website. Thanks

    • Okan US

      I am also looking forward to see the results and couldn’t find something. Thanks

  • I know this contest has ended, but I was wondering if I could still download the video… to use for scoring practice? I clicked the link above, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  • Chris Iskandar

    seems like a hard decision 🙂

    • Okan US

      Maybe they’ll come with a 5 people first place after all 🙂