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Thank you for supporting 8Dio and for allowing us to provide colors in your music. 

We would like to return the favor by offering you The Everything Sale.  This unique promotion offers you 55% OFF on all purchases (except our Studio Quartet Series and Prophet X/XL Hardware) during all of November – sprinkled with unique gift with purchases on top.  

The next couple of days you can get our dark Symphonic Shadows with any total purchase over $48. This offer will expires on November 25th!

So how does it all work? 

1.  Just add whichever product(s) or bundle(s) you desire to your cart

2. Copy/paste this discount code in the cart: LOVEU55

3. Boom! Magic Time!


Symphonic Shadows is a library born in the shadows of nightfall.  A dark orchestral library containing over 7,000 unique aleatoric effect samples.

The library comes with three distinct orchestral sections. First, the fiery tones of a 40-piece String Orchestra (12, 10, 8, 6, 4), and then an isolated 10-Piece Low String Section with six Cellos and 4 Basses. Next, the piercing sound of an 11-piece Brass Ensemble with four Horns, two Trumpets, three Trombones and two Bass Trombones. Last, but by no means least, a sonic hurricane in the woodwind ensemble containing one piccolo flute, one alto flute, and two flutes. As well, two clarinets and two bassoons.


Thanks for your time, love and support!


  Troels & Tawnia

Ps.  Check our Symphonic Shadows in action