HOW TO: Get your Anthology v 1.2 Update

HOW TO: Get your Anthology Strings v 1.2 Update WHATS NEW We have now shipped an update to our esteemed Anthology Library. The update includes several fixes for a few smaller issues that have come to light since the original launch. We have also added a number of additional patches (.nki’s) after

Interview with Jordan Rudess

This could be a clichéd first question – but it’s an important one: How on earth did you end up being a musician? Well, the way the story goes is – I was introduced to the piano in my second grade classroom. I would go in and be very attracted

8Dio 2018 Christmas Scoring Contest

  YOU TELL US THE STORY… Music has the overwhelming ability to give the same scene or shot so many different emotions. In the right hands music can sway the audience to feel a wide range of emotions, from an angelic walk through the park, to a scary horror movie,

8Dio’s 25 Days of Wonder

FAQ HOW DO I GET THE FREE GIFT? You simply purchase any instruments above the required minimum spend and the free gift will be sent out automatically! (It will NOT be added to the cart, but simply be sent out automatically by our smart downloader tool) CAN I COMBINE THE GIFT

Intimate Studio String v1.2 Update

HOW TO: Get your Intimate Studio Strings v 1.2 Update   We have now shipped a small update to our acclaimed Intimate Strings library fixing a number of issues that have arisen since it’s initial launch.    If you are downloading the product after the 15th of November 2018 you