8Dio is hiring!

8Dio is currently looking for a handful of passionate and talented people to help us in the following positions: 1. Support (Kontakt) Specialist 2. Kontakt Scripter 3. Video Editor 4. Youtube Content Creators (Video Tutorials) 5. Audio Engine Programmer Send us an email if any of these positions look interesting.  We

Demo Mode In Kontakt?

Why do I see a red DEMO MODE in Kontakt? The DEMO Mode of Kontakt is there because you’re using the FREE Kontakt Player and not the full version of Kontakt. All of our libraries require the Full Version of Kontakt to run. If you already own the Full Version

Slow Load Times?

Why I Am Experiencing Long Load Times In Kontakt?   When you download a library for the first time, you might notice that it can take several minutes to load a single instrument. These long load times are caused by Kontakt trying to locate each sample every time you load

Kontakt’s Library Tab

My Libraries Don’t Show Up In The Libraries Tab? Our libraries do not show up within the Library Tab of Kontakt you will need to load our libraries using the Files Tab or Kontakt’s Quick-load Browser. Libraries that show up within the Library Tab (With the Graphics on the Left

Century Orchestral Series

CENTURY STRINGS 2.0 UPDATES Century 2.0 includes 2 new mixes with the instruments placed in natural orchestral seating position. Great, polished sound, out of the box. MIX A is very focused and detailed. LOTS of bow. MIX B is wide and ambient, puffy and warm. We realize that many composers