Prophet X and XL Promotion

We are proud to announce a unique promotion together with Sequential for the Prophet X and XL analog hardware synths.  Anyone who purchases a Prophet X or XL between December 7th and May 31st 2021 will be offered a free $300 voucher for any of the official 8Dio Prophet X/XL add-ons.

Warm Week Sale

I thought it could be fun to take three of my all-time favorite libraries and put them on a warm sale only during this weekend.  Beginning with Anthology Strings, which is our most emotive string library for both solo, divisi and ensemble strings.  The legato in Anthology is still my

8Dio is hiring!

8Dio is currently looking for a handful of passionate and talented people to help us in the following positions: 1. Production Assistant 2. Support (Kontakt) Specialist 3. Kontakt Scripter 4. Video Editor 5. Youtube Content Creators (Video Tutorials) 6. Audio Engine Programmer   Send us an email if any of these

Demo Mode In Kontakt?

Why do I see a red DEMO MODE in Kontakt? The DEMO Mode of Kontakt is there because you’re using the FREE Kontakt Player and not the full version of Kontakt. All of our libraries require the Full Version of Kontakt to run. If you already own the Full Version

Slow Load Times?

Why I Am Experiencing Long Load Times In Kontakt?   When you download a library for the first time, you might notice that it can take several minutes to load a single instrument. These long load times are caused by Kontakt trying to locate each sample every time you load