Interview with Man Parrish

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Man Parrish / Questions by Troels Folmann. July 2014 Introduction Man Parrish is a songwriter, composer and producer who sits at the forefront of the ’80’s “electro” genre creation leading to the foundations of hip-hop, freestyle and techno (which led to EDM).  Man has produced

Interview with Rob “Diggy” Morrison

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Rob Diggy Morrison / Questions by Troels Folmann. 2015 Introduction: Rob “Diggy” Morrison is an established yet emerging multi-talent as a producer, film composer and Grammy Certified arranger (having earned that accolade through his re-mix work on Beyoncé’s, Crazy in Love single). Rob is also known for his

Interview with Faye Greenberg & David Lawrence

8DIO Artist Spotlight Answers by Faye Greenberg & David Lawrence. Questions by Troels Folmann, June 2014. Introduction David Lawrence possesses a tome of musical credits for television and film from a compellingly, productive career. He has received 2, ASCAP Achievement Awards and is known for his work on American Pie; 1 & 2, Beverly

Interview with Blake Neely

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Blake Neely / Questions by Troels Folmann. February 2014. Introduction Blake Neely has one of the most versatile backgrounds you will ever find for any composer – whether it be his television scores (ex. Mentalist, Arrow, Resurrection, EastWick) or countless of movie credits (ex. first

Interview with Paul Haslinger

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Paul Haslinger / Questions by Troels Folmann. January 2014. Introduction You may remember a band called Tangerine Dream or the Underworld movie series – you may have watched Cheaters on HBO or played video games like Far Cry Instincts or Rainbow Six. Chances are you