Interview with Jurgen Beck

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Jurgen Beck / Questions by Troels Folmann November 2014. Introduction: Jurgen Beck is an esteemed film composer known, most notably, for his work on short films and documentaries. He also works in feature length film. Beck has worked with director Trey Ore on My Name

Interview with Todd Haberman

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Todd Haberman / Questions by Troels Folmann. September 2014. Introduction: Todd Haberman has built a broad and respected list of film, television & game credits that began to emerge right out of NYU in 1997 where he majored in music composition. He is known for

Interview with Chris Bacon

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Chris Bacon / Questions by Troels Folmann. August 2014 Chris Bacon has been a very busy and successful composer for film and television since 2007. His work has been featured in KING KONG, THE DARK KNIGHT, I AM LEGEND, BATES MOTEL, SMASH, SOURCE CODE and the compelling war veteran

Interview with Man Parrish

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Man Parrish / Questions by Troels Folmann. July 2014 Introduction Man Parrish is a songwriter, composer and producer who sits at the forefront of the ’80’s “electro” genre creation leading to the foundations of hip-hop, freestyle and techno (which led to EDM).  Man has produced

Interview with Rob “Diggy” Morrison

8Dio Artist Spotlight. Answers by Rob Diggy Morrison / Questions by Troels Folmann. 2015 Introduction: Rob “Diggy” Morrison is an established yet emerging multi-talent as a producer, film composer and Grammy Certified arranger (having earned that accolade through his re-mix work on Beyoncé’s, Crazy in Love single). Rob is also known for his