Meet Mark Deustsch & The Bazantar

This video goes behind the scenes on the 8Dio recordings of Mark Deutsch’s Bazantar. The Bazantar was designed and constructed by world reknowed artist, Mark Deutsch and there is only one in existence. The core of the Bazantar is a heavily modified 5 string upright bass. The instrument has 4

Music Made with Rain

Story: I am becoming increasingly fascinated with the idea of creating music out of purely organic sources. It started with music made with bees, but this time around I wanted to record something even more vital, namely water … rain … raindrops. Droplets have many interesting physical properties. One of them

Interview with Austin Wintory

Artist Spotlight: Austin Wintory / Questions by Troels Folmann. April 2013 Introduction Austin Wintory is a Grammy nominated American composer – partially known for the highly acclaimed video game scores for flOw and Journey, but also for the 2009 Sundance hit, Grace and the 2008 Sundance Audience Award winning, Captain Abu

Interview with Bill Brown

Answers by Bill Brown / Questions by Troels Folmann. December 2012. Introduction Known for his work on the hit CBS television series CSI:NY, Bill Brown began his career composing powerful scores for more than 50 triple-A game titles, including Tom Clancy’s ‘Rainbow Six’ and ‘Ghost Recon’, Clive Barker’s ‘Undying’, ‘Return to

Interview with Richard Marvin

Artist Spotlight: Richard Marvin/ Questions by Troels Folmann. December 2012. Introduction Richard Marvin is a American film and television composer whose line of work includes hit shows like Grimm (NBC), Six Feet Under (HBO), In Treatment (HBO), The O.C (FOX) and movies like The Surrogates, u571 and over 40 other