Interview with Charlie Clouser

Answers by Charlie Clouser / Questions by Troels Folmann. October 2011. Tell us a little bit about your musical background- and influences? As a kid I took music lessons in school and played a bunch of instruments for a year or two each before moving on to the next; piano, clarinet,

Interview with Rolfe Kent

Answers by Rolfe Kent / Questions by Troels Folmann. November 2011. Introduction You might remember the main theme from Dexter or perhaps you have watched movies like “Sideways”, “About Schmidt”, “The Men Who Stares at Goats”, ‘Reign over Me”, “Mr. Poppers Penguins”, “Legally Blonde” etc. The odds are that you have

Interview with Colin O’Malley

Answers by Colin O Malley / Questions by Troels Folmann. December 2011. Introduction Colin O’Malley is a composer, songwriter and orchestrator.  His clients include the United States Air Force, the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and Electronic Arts. In 2005 he received an Emmy nomination for his score to the PBS

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Music Made with Bees

Ever wondered what music made with bees would sound like? The bee produces about 200-230 wing flaps pr. second, which is enough to generate a nice, rich sounding buzz. We recorded a bunch of bee sounds and manipulated them through a variety of tools (including timefreezers, delays, filters, glitch modules