Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Solo Voices

Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Solo Voices Comparison Series With our growing number of instruments we’re giving even more choices and options to our customers. We are introducing the instrument comparison series to help you get the best out of our range of instruments and make sure you’re choosing the right

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Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Pianos

Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Pianos 1901 Upright Studio Piano 6 Microphones Options 42,643 Samples 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC) True Analog Tape Option (Studer A820) for all arts Sustains, Staccatissico (5RR), Half Pedal & Una Corta 10 Different Prepared arts (incl. pluck, pick, tapped etc) A beautifully sampled intimate

Multi Output Routing

Multi Output Routing Ever wonder how to effectively control more than one instrument within Kontakt? Here we show you how to setup your Kontakt to have 16 instruments per instance of Kontakt. See newest support videos Downloader Tool How to download our download tool and which version you need for