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How To Series: Combine Folders (Manual Download)

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So you’ve performed a manual download and you’re left with 2 folders and you're not sure how to combine them -

If you’ve followed the steps of the manual download correctly you should be left with 2 folders, one from the main un-archived content (the ones that have ‘part’ in the name) and one from the .Rar instrument archive (this one won’t have part in the name).

The previous steps for the manual download can be found here:

After un-archiving the .rar files you should have 2 folders: 8Dio [Your instrument] and 8Dio [Your instrument] -1:

The aim is to combine these two folders by moving the contents of the unarchived Instrument folder (the -1 folder) to the main un-archived content, without overwriting any pre-existing folder.

If any folders appear in the instrument archive but don't appear in the main un-archived content, you can move them straight over.
- So in this example, you can see the folder 4_Read_Me only exists in the un-archived content, so we move them as shown:

For the other folders that do exist in both the instrument archive and main un-archived content, we will need to move the content of the folder from the instrument archive to its respective folder in the main un-archived content.

- So as 1_Barbary_Core_Library exists in both folders we need to combine the contents of both 1_Barbary_Core_Library folders so we don't overwrite anything.

As you can see in the example below the folder  1_Barbary_Core_Library/Kontakt only exists in the instrument archive so you can move this over to  1_Barbary_Core_Library from the main un-archived content:

Next, as  1_Barbary_Core_Library/Samples exists in both folders we do the same process of moving the contents of  1_Barbary_Core_Library/Samples from the instrument archive to the main un-archived content.

  • So, in this case, we move 1_Barbary_Core_library/Samples/Wallpaper to 1_Barbary_Core_library/Samples in the main un-archived content:

Repeat the process for all the folders in the instrument archive following the same procedure of moving the contents of any duplicated folders until all the contents of the folders from the instrument archive (-1) have been moved to their respective folders in the main un-archived content:

You have now successfully merged the folders! you can delete the left over folders and .rar files and use your 8Dio instrument!

If at any point when moving files, you get the warning asking to replace files or folders as above, select stop as you don't want to erase any files! You need to navigate to inside the folder and move the contents instead.

The chosen example is a more complicated one to show the process, newer 8Dio instruments only require a few files to be moved but you can apply this process to any 8Dio instrument.

If you are still having issues, please do not hesitate the contact support –, where we will be able to assist with any issues that you may have. We also have a video example we can send out, with a different example, if you're still unsure of how it works!


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