How To Download Our Libraries

How To Series: How To Download Our Libraries

8Dio How To Series.

With this new Series, you will be able to take advantage of your instruments from a simple re-download to really getting the best from the library with little hints and tips. We'll guide you through general questions to the more tricky support queries.

If you have any support topics you want us to focus on, please don't hesitate to comment below. We'll make sure that everything is covered so you can get the best from your purchase. With any queries not picked, we can send our Guru across to you and get you the help you need.

This blog addresses the most frequently asked support query. After you have completed your purchase, how do you download your product.

There are two main ways to download or re download your 8Dio libraries. Both of which have their benefits and offer you the greatest and fastest possible access.



How To Use The 8Dio Download Utility

After successful completion of your purchase you will receive your full product e-mail. This will contain not only the serial number you need to access your particular download, but the download utilities themselves. Serial numbers are also available through your personal client account available on

  • Please download and install the relative downloader utility for your current operating system.

  • Once successfully installed please open the Download Utility.

  • Enter your full product serial number.

  • Click "Download".

  • A pop up window will ask you to select your download location. Choose your desired location and click to proceed.

  • After a brief moment the downloading process will begin.

  • A estimated "completion" time will appear on screen throughout the download so you can keep track of the process.

  • Once the process is complete the utility will automatically unpackage and combine all the downloaded files, removing the original packages. Leaving you with your final unpackaged, ready to use library folder in the previously selected directory.

Please do not interrupt or attempt to manually unpack the RAR files as this may corrupt any on going processes from the utility.


How To Manually Download Products

Just as with the Download Utility, access to your full product e-mail, or your client account is required to obtain your full product serial.

  • Open your prefered internet browser and navigate to

  • Enter your purchase e-mail and full product serial.

  • Click "Get Links".

  • Select all the packaged files you wish to download. We recommend only downloading a 2-3 files simultaneously.

  • If you do not have an unarchiver utility, please download and install the unarchiver located at the bottom of the manual link webpage.

  • Once all files have been successfully downloaded please select and open the first .RAR file, this will typically be named .Part 1. This will start the unarchiving process for all other parts.

  • Once completed please make sure to unarchive the .RAR Instrument archive that comes separately with each instrument. This file will NOT have a "Part" in the file name.

  • Once done, add the included contents of the unarchived Instrument folder to the main unarchived content. If a folder already exists in this location, please combine the contents of the folder. (Do not overwrite any pre existing folder)

  • Now you can relocate the final folder to your desired directory and enjoy.

We recommend always trying to use our 8Dio Download Utility before resorting to a manual download. The download utility alleviates many of the complicated and cumbersome steps involved in the manual method. 


We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio How To Series. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

- Team 8Dio