How To Load Kontakt Libraries Faster

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How To Make Your Libraries Load Faster

There are many ways to ensure the loading of your Kontakt sample libraries goes as smoothly as possible.

If you find that a libraries load time is taking longer than expected, it could be that a batch resave is required.

A Batch Resave is a Kontakt process which allows for all of a libraries patches to be saved simultaneously. Embedding your particular file path, ensuring valuable time is saved upon re opening of any included patch.

Thankfully Batch Resaving is a relatively simple process.

To start the saving process access your Kontakt “Files” menu and select “Batch re-save”. Point kontakt to your sample library, click “Choose” and watch as Kontakt embeds your particular file path to each and every included patch.

This means that the next time you open a libraries patch Kontakt will no longer have to search your entire system for each and every sample, but instead can load it straight away, significantly improving upon loading speeds.

 Loading From Another Drive

In some cases, even after a batch re-save, you may still see a slight improvement but not much. Another option is to place your full instrument folder on another drive, preferably an internal drive or an SSD. This can also quickly load and stream samples into Kontakt without having to wait any longer than needed to.


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