Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Pianos

Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Pianos

Comparison Series

With our growing number of instruments we're giving even more choices and options to our customers. We are introducing the instrument comparison series to help you get the best out of our range of instruments and make sure you're choosing the right library for your compositional needs!

In this article we’ll be breaking down and comparing our great piano libraries! We’ll be looking at our five main acoustic pianos although we do have other piano libraries such as the bowed, plucked, prepared and electric pianos as well as the awesome Steinway ensemble included in AGE!

1985 Passionate PIano


  • 6 Microphone Options
  • 66,000+ Samples
  • Up To 10 Velocity Layers
  • Up To 5x Round Robins
  •  Sound Design Patches
  • 100+ Custom Convolution Reverbs

8Dio 1985 Passionate Grand Piano is an ultra deep-sampled piano library – featuring over 66.000 samples, up to 10 velocity layers, 5 round-robin, a wealth of flexible articulations and all across 6 microphone positions. The microphones were literally surrounding the entire piano, so you can create exactly the sound you want. The Passionate Grand Piano contains core both deep-sampled Sustains, Una Corda (felt piano), Staccatissimo and Staccato. The short note staccatos were recorded with 5 RR pr. velocity layer – offering you the ability to play incredibly fast licks with clear definition on the attack of the sound. 

1971 Estonia Grand Piano

  • 6 Microphones Options
  • 33,870 Samples
  • Up to 20 Velocity Layers
  • 5 Round Robin Repetitions
  • Advanced Chaos Effects System

The 1971 Estonia is a Soviet era Grand Piano known as the secret Steinway of Eastern Europe with a uniquely dark, emotional and melancholic characteristic. It contains core both Sustains, Staccato and Plucked articulations, which can seamless be tailored together based on your compositional needs. Recorded through true analog vintage equipment and with 6 independent microphones positions. Encapsulating the deeper spirit of the instrument. 33,000 samples, up to 20 velocity layers and a virtual instrument that feels so close to a real piano.

The short note staccatos were recorded with 5 RR pr. velocity layer – offering you the ability to play incredibly fast licks with clear definition on the attack of the sound. This feels and plays completely realistically.

The Estonia is the perfect choice for you if you need a darker piano that remains truly authentic in feel and performance.

1901 Upright Studio Piano

  • 6 Microphones Options
  • 42,643 Samples
  • 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC)
  • True Analog Tape Option (Studer A820) for all arts
  • Sustains, Staccatissico (5RR), Half Pedal & Una Corta
  • 10 Different Prepared arts (incl. pluck, pick, tapped etc)

A beautifully sampled intimate upright piano, the 1901 is a great choice for more emotional scoring. It is recorded using 6 types types of microphones as well as through a Studer A820 Tape-Deck  which provides a very unique feeling and authentic vintage feel to the samples.

With a range of pedal options and full control over resonance, room tone, non tonal key control & unique release triggers for hammer action, string damping, and release triggers for our more ambient microphones. You have great control over the timbre of the piano. Choose the 1901 upright for its intimate and emotional style.

The library also features a range of prepared articulations which you can mix into your scoring, check out James everingham’s amazing track ‘towers’ which perfectly blends the articulations for a great mix of sound.

1990 Studio Grand Piano

  • 6 Microphones Options
  • 47,336 Samples 
  • Recorded on custom NEVE Console
  • 2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC)
  • Up To 10 velocity layers
  • Up To 7x Round Robin

The incredibly versatile 1990 Studio Yamaha Piano is fantastic for pop, rock, classical, fusion and everything in-between.

With a range of round robins, reverbs, velocity layers and microphone options the library is very adaptable. You also have amazing control over the dynamic response as well as mechanics, tone , resonance, room tone and signal chain noise, non tonal key control, unique release triggers for hammer action, string damping, and release triggers for our room and ambient microphones.

This all adds up to an library that can handle almost anything thrown at it, if you’re unsure of which piano library to go for this may be the best choice for you as it’s such an adaptable instrument! Check out this great track which demonstrates the range of the library.

The New 1969 Legacy Grand Piano

  • 6 Microphone Options

  • Unique Staccato Samples with Round Robin

  • 12 Additional Piano Morph Patches

  • Advanced Controls

Next up is our 1969 Model Grand Piano. The 1969 Steinway (Model D) Concert Grand Piano marks one of the most exquisite piano lines in existence. The tone is rich, full, yet bright and airy. It has a majestic character, which can blend into anything from classical piano pieces to rock/pop. The specific model we sampled is from 1969, which marks one of the greatest eras of piano engineering.

Along with a great variety of advanced controls (ex. pedal volume, release trigger volume, EQ, convolution reverbs) it is recorded with 6 stereo microphone perspectives (Overhead, Keyboard/Player, Dampers, Spot, Ambient & Room). These give you amazing control to get the best out of the piano's unique singing tone.

It also features a bonus set of morphed piano sounds to give a few more unique sounds to add to your palette! 

The New 1928 Emotive Grand Piano


  • Two Microphone Options

  • 11,095 Samples

  • Pedal Noises and Pedal Noise Volume Control

  • Custom Convolution Reverbs (+40)

  • Advanced Release Triggers

  • Bonus: 6 Piano Morphed Instruments

Finally we have our newly updated 1928 Steinway Piano perfect for emotional scoring on a more grand scale the 1901 upright. This particular sampled piano is from a specific series of ivory covered Steinway grand that were produced in Germany in 1928. This series and era is known to be one of the best and the building quality still stands unmatched – even the strings are still original from 1928. 

It uses round robins on both sustains and staccato samples and a variety of controls (ex. pedal volume, release volume, noise reduction, EQ etc) and a visual velocity editor, so you can fully sculpt the piano to your liking.  which means you get a more varied, fluent and expressive piano. As well as all this it has comes with a bonus 6 morphed piano instrument to give you more unique sounds to play with!

It is the perfect piano for soundtrack composers, songwriters and people looking for an advanced emotional and resonant piano. 

If you are have any further questions about the instruments, please do not hesitate to contact support –, where we will be able to assist with any issues that you may have.

We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio Comparison Series. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

– Team 8Dio