Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Solo Voices

Instrument Comparison Series: 8Dio Solo Voices


Comparison Series

With our growing number of instruments we're giving even more choices and options to our customers. We are introducing the instrument comparison series to help you get the best out of our range of instruments and make sure you're choosing the right library for your compositional needs! Next up is our Solo Voices category. It features a range of award, winning world-class Vocalists each with a range of great features allowing you to utilise their amazing talents in your music.


First off we have our multi-sampled vocal libraries Laurie and Jenifer. These use our advanced custom legato systems as well as a range of great features to give you complete control over the great vocals of these talented singers. Both also include a range of phrase content that you can use to add to your scores to give extra authenticity to the sound


  • Very Versatile

  • Wide set of articulations

  • Word sequencer

  • Chaos fx and advanced features

  • Featured in a range of soundtracks

First  up is our extremely popular Solo Vocal Library: Laurie. Featuring world class and award winning Laurie Ann Haus. The library is featured on a range of soundtracks from Starcraft II to Witchville. Her style of sing is very versatile including Celtic, Balkan and Operatic styles of singing. Chose Laurie for her great range of vocals and the great features included in the library such as True Legato, Sustains, Marcato and Phrases in both Celtic and Balkan style of singing. As well as more advanced features like Flex™ Legato and 2 x 20 different multi-vowels.


  • Expressive and fluent

  • Natural flowing legato

  • Cells of phrases in tempo

  • Recorded with state-of-the-art vocal mic and Manley preamps

  • New Custom Legato Techniques

Our second extensively multi-sampled vocal library features  Jenifer Thigpen. She's known for her work on Disney’s “Voices of Liberty” and her exquisite soprano vocals. Similar to Laurie, Jenifer features both multi-sampled and phrase based elements allowing you to mix the two elements to have control over your scoring as well as mixing authentic phrases into your tracks. Jenifer features great legato techniques that are fluent, expressive and playable with several velocity layers of legatos. Chose this library for Jenifer's Angelic soprano tone and the great features of the library.


  • Huge range of over 1450 different vocal phrases

  • Gaelic, Celtic, Scottish and Welsh Phrases

  • Irish, Old English and Manx phrases

  • Improvisational chanting and whispers

  • Harp and whisper songs

  • Ambient banks by Steve Tavaglione

Featuring renowned vocalist and harper Barbary Grant this library has an extensive range of vocal phrases ranging several styles. It utilises a range of great features allowing you to freely customise the phrases to fit your scores, from pitch bending, time stretching and key switches. The phrases range from Goidelic languages: Scots Gaelic, Irish, and Manx. Using the intuitive functions you can easily morph different phrases together, which brings endless possibilities for creating new phrases. Chose this if you want a huge range of phrases from the different Goidelic languages to work with, to add a unique vocal element to your music.

  • Francesca

    • World Vocals

    • Epic / Powerful phrases

    • Flute Singing & Lullaby phrases

    • Slow, Dark and Evocative phrases

Our next solo vocal library features highly gifted female alto singer Francesca Genco. She is known for her ability to sing variety of vocal textures. Francesca features a range of evocative and dark vocal phrases from eerie lonely lullabies to powerful world vocals. It has all the great phrase editing features of Barbary allowing you to freely customise the phrases to really make them your own. Choose Francesca for her distinct vocals talents and to add a dark edge to your scoring!

  • Cait

    • Sanskrit and Vedic phrases

    • Persian and Middle Eastern phrases

    • Emotional category phrases

    • Bonus: Ambience banks by Steve Tavaglione

Next up is the extremely talented Cait McWhir, she has almost 20 years experience  exploring  Indian, Balkan, middle-eastern & Celtic vocal styles. This library draws from her incredible knowledge of world styles giving you access to a range of authentic vocal phrases. As well as the phrases and chanting it includes bonus lullabies, witches incarnations and a range of vocal FX. Choose Cait to feature some great worlds and ethnic vocal phrases is your productions!

  • Terrie

    • African inspired phrases

    • Gospel inspired phrases

    • Soul/RnB inspired phrases

    • Effect and phrase stacking

    • Bonus: Ambient banks

Finally we have our Native African, Soul and RnB inspired  solo vocal library Terrie.  Internationally renowned, Terrie Odabi, draws from her interest in other cultures and languages from Latin to Spanish, from a variety of African to Middle Eastern dialects. With over 5,500 phrase samples it's has an extended range of phrases self-made language(s) divided into four main categories: African, Gospel, Soul/RnB, Scat/Jazz. Choose Terrie for her individual styles of singing to add a distinct flair to your tracks!

If you are have any further questions about the instruments, please do not hesitate to contact support –, where we will be able to assist with any issues that you may have.

We hope you have enjoyed the latest edition of our new 8Dio Comparison Series. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we hope we can keep pushing great content your way.

– Team 8Dio