Kontakt's Library Tab

Kontakt's Library Tab

My Libraries Don't Show Up In The Libraries Tab?

Our libraries do not show up within the Library Tab of Kontakt you will need to load our libraries using the Files Tab or Kontakt's Quick-load Browser.

Libraries that show up within the Library Tab (With the Graphics on the Left Hand Side) are made for the Free Player Version of Kontakt 5 which we do not support. For libraries that require the Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5(6), they will need to be loaded using the Files Tab or the Quick-load Browser.

Below are links to our videos showing you how to load your instruments into Kontakt using the Files Tab and a video on how to set up your own Quick-load Folder System.

Loading Instruments Into Kontakt

Using Kontakt's Quick-load

8Dio Support Walkthrough - Using Quickload