One-Time Offer


Christmas is coming early this year - as we are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Adagio with an exclusive one-time offer, which gives you 70% off ANY Adagio or Agitato Product and Bundle. The original idea behind Adagio was to create the most comprehensive set of emotional and truly expressive string samples for both Solo, Divisi and Ensemble strings. Adagio was succeeded by Agitato, which contained a variety of specialized libraries (ex. Williams Legato, Sordino, Arpeggio etc). The end-result is over 150GB of incredibly expressive orchestral strings that virtually allows you to do anything you want. The Adagio collection alone contains over 36 unique legatos, 120 Dynamic Bowing (aka Arcs), 60 Loures (repeated notes) and the most extensive set of orchestral short notes ever sampled.

However things are about to change!

  • ALL individual volumes of Adagio and Agitato (ex. Adagio Violins, Agitato Sordino) will be discontinued by the end of this sale. So get them now to complete your collection!

  • ALL Agitato products will be continued in one, affordable, Agitato Bundle. The Agitato Bundle contains Agitato Grandiose Legato, Agitato Sordino and Agitato Arpeggio.

In summary all individual volumes of Adagio and Agitato will be discontinued after the sale and Adagio and Agitato will only be available as bundles. Let the good times begin and enjoy this unique one-time offer. We want everyone to part-take in this amazing collection featured in 1000's of blockbusters, tv-shows, games and top 40-productions!

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