HOW TO: Upgrade to Anthology from ALL Adagio

Customers that own all 4 of the new (2.0) Adagio Volumes can now upgrade to Anthology for FREE giving you access to the useful ensemble based patches included in Anthology.

As Anthology uses the same sample content as Adagio, if you have all four Adagio volumes installed, you can install Anthology without re-downloading all the sample content.

***You Do Not Need To Re-Download The Entire Library***

How to update without re-downloading sample content

  • Add Anthology to your cart and checkout with your personalised voucher found in your e-mail or get in touch with support for your new serial

  • Navigate to

  • Enter your email and new serial and click “Get Links”

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and download the last .rar file. This will not have “part” in the name (e.g 8Dio Anthology V1_3_123456.rar or similar).

  • Download the Resources Folder from the following link (Download Here)

  • If you don’t already have an un-archiving utility, download The Unarchiver (OSX) or 7-zip (Win). Links for these can be found below or at the bottom of the Manual Link page.

The Unarchiver (Mac OSX)

7-Zip (Windows) 

  • Unarchive the .rar files by opening it with your selected unarchiver utility.

  • Move the new resources folder to your Anthology 1.3 folder, replacing the contained resources folder.

  • Now that you have your correct Anthology folder, you need to direct kontakt to the sample content for the library. To do this open kontakt, click the save icon and select "Batch Re-save".

  • Navigate to your new Anthology folder and select the instruments folder.

  • After kontakt has checked for missing samples, ensure "Keep seach mode and selected folder for the current session" is highlighted, then select "browse for folder". Select the folder containing your four Adagio volumes and grab a coffee while kontakt does it's thing.

Congratulations you have now updated your library.

– Team 8Dio