HOW TO: Get your Century Brass v 1.2 Update

HOW TO: Get your Century Brass v 1.2 Update What’s New Version 1.2 of Century Ensemble Brass is now available. The new update has fixed a few small issues and now includes individual patches for each articulation to improve load times and workflow in larger projects by allowing you to

VLOG N°7: “Adagio, Agitato, Adagietto, Antholog… Woot!?!”

Adagio for Anthology Owners

Anthology Owners Dear Anthology Owners   Thank you for purchasing our signature string collection, Anthology.   With our recent update to Adagio, owners of Anthology may be wondering how these latest update to the Violins,  Violas, Cellos and Basses will affect them and whether these updates are necessary.   These

Score This: Christopher Young   We have partnered with iconic composer Christopher Young to create our largest “Score This” contest to date! Winner of the prestigious BMI Richard Kirk Award and Golden Globe Nominee, Chris is a true icon of cinema, with a filmography of over 100 films Chris’ works cover a vast

NEW VLOG N°6: “AI & Music”

NEW VLOG N°6: “AI & Music”   In the sixth episode of our Vlog series, Troels discusses the past, present, and future of Artificial Intelligence and its relation to music.