Audio Engine Programmer

8Dio Productions is looking for a multi-talented audio programmer to join our unique team of super talented individuals. Our products are featured in majority of current blockbuster movies, tv-shows, video games, Top-40 productions and our catalogue contains over 150 of the most unique software instruments ever designed. We supply some of the most successful companies in the world with our content and quality, uniqueness and exclusivity is stamped in our DNA.

The chosen candidate will work between home and our HQ near Napa. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests or applications outside the Bay Area, so only local applicants (or individuals willing to relocate) will be considered for the position. We are a small company and we like to keep things exclusive and to ourselves. We don’t need to brag. We believe our products should speak for themselves. We pour our hearts and souls into everything we do and believe the best things are created with a sincere desire to do better.

The Audio Programmer must have extensive experience with audio programming (C++ and DSP), software music instruments (VST/AU/AAX), MIDI, implementation of scripting systems. The candidate must have the chops to build an audio engine from scratch. These are all requirements. Please do not apply otherwise. The ideal candidate has knowledge of, and experience with, developing audio software, including audio engines, audio plugins, disk streaming, lossless compression, MIDI and an understanding of current music market conditions and demands.

Core Requirements:

  • Proficient in C++ and/or other languages needed for audio engine development
  • Knowledge in DSP and low-level programming preferred, especially audio DSP.
  • Understanding of JUCE 3.X Integration and PACE Copy Protection
  • Understanding of VST / AU / AAX plug-in frameworks
  • Knowledge with existing music audio engines (ex. Kontakt, Mach5, Play, fMod etc)
  • Excellent written communication skills for documentation
  • Proven experience with VST plugin programming experience strongly preferred
  • Excellent written communication skills for tools documentation
  • Ability to be time-effective and handle multiple parts of a project at the same time
About 8Dio Productions

Founded in 2011 by Academy Award, T.E.C and G.A.N.G-winning composer Troels Folmann and executive Tawnia Knox. 8Dio is composed of highly motivated, talented and driven individuals. We are strongly committed to collaborating and building great things together. We don’t believe in your typical corporate hierarchy. We believe the best argument should win - regardless of who makes it.

We hope to hear from you, but please only apply if you are qualified. You must have programming skills and the ability to create an audio engine and/or audio plugins. To apply, please email a cover letter, current resume and your compensation requirements to