Graphic Designer

In just six years, 8Dio has grown to become one of the most respected developers of virtual software instruments (VST) and audio tools and technologies. Our libraries are used every day amongst the world’s most celebrated composers and producers scoring top-40, blockbuster films, tv-shows and games.

Want to know the secret to our success?

Shhhh.. Come closer. We’ve brought together one of the most talented bunch of geniuses this industry has ever seen.  But don’t confuse our eccentricity with a lack of professionalism.   Our family of artists and producers are uncompromising in their quest for quality and tireless in their dedication to elevating the art of music through amazing tools and technology.

Want to know another secret?

We’re hiring!

8DIO is currently looking for qualified candidate(s) to provide freelance Graphic Design support for our upcoming product releases. If you possess remarkable talent in graphic design, have an insatiable curiosity for human psychology, our emotional connections to imagery and a reverence for the power of music — read on!

What we offer:

An experience, unlike anything you are likely to encounter in your career — a kaleidoscopic explosion of energy, creativity and passion working alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the audio industry.

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on operating at an insane pace and level of productivity.  8DIO isn’t for the meek or lazy.  But for those who thrive in such an environment, the rewards and perks can be remarkable.

Who we’re looking for:

You take pride in enabling viewers to feel emotions through well composed, carefully crafted images.  You are a thoughtful observer, taking inspiration from nature, people, fine arts, film, music, literature.     You are continually refining your ability to express deeply but simply.   You often contemplate the infinite beauty of negative space.

Your energy and curiosity can’t be contained to just one discipline. You can sketch, draw, wireframe, model, animate, sequence, edit, script.  And that’s all before lunch.    You might be early on in your career, but any lack of professional experience in this area or that pales in comparison to your raw skills, boundless creative energy and desire to make your mark.

You are amazing at:

  • Speaking and writing proficiently in English
  • Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Demonstrating a strong creative capacity and the ability to transform verbal/written concepts into compelling visuals
  • Minding all the details while not losing sight of the overall direction and goals
  • Relentlessly solving problems creatively
  • Meeting short deadlines with grace
  • Listening and taking criticism with even more grace (especially from your colleagues and our customers)
  • Communicating your ideas with others from a variety of disciplines
  • Effective and Efficient Collaboration

Even more awesome if you:

  • Have pre-existing experience in user-interface design and a portfolio to show it
  • Have skills in the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Can get fancy with a 3D package like Max or Maya in a pinch
  • Are handy with Final Cut or Premier
  • Have dabbled with software instruments (VST) via Kontakt or generally familiar with DAW environments
  • Have knowledge of scripting and other technical bits
  • Can play a real-world instrument (it sure helps if you understand some basic music theory or at least appreciate the difference between diatonic, chromatic, major and minor scales).

To Apply:

Made it this far?   Great!    Drop an email with a personal introduction, links to your portfolio of example of 2D / 3D work, availability and anything else you might think we’d find interesting to: and

We encourage you to check out our site ( and become familiar with our products, graphics, user-interfaces, videos. We look forward hearing from you.