FAQ: Common Questions

Does [X] composer use your samples?

A number of top composers use our instrument libraries you can view a selection of them here:

Composers & Producers:

Video Games:

Top 40:

TV Shows:


I want to write demos for 8Dio?

8DIO features some of the best artists- and demo makers in the world. We are always interested in hearing new things and new submissions, but we only accept stellar compositions. Please send us a streaming link of your submissions to info@8dio.com. We receive submissions every day and listen to all submissions made to us and we will get in touch with you if we are interested in using your composition. If you do not hear from us we encourage you to post your demo our Facebook timeline.

I want to trial the product before I purchase?

We cannot offer any trials on our instruments except for our 5 Free Try-packs, there are however walk-through videos written descriptions and sound cloud links demonstrating the instrument on each page that will give you an idea of what the library is capable of. If you still have any questions we do offer a live chat where you will be put directly in touch with 2 of our working composers.

Please see below for our available free Try-Packs -

Century Strings TryPack:

Century Brass TryPack:

CAGE Unleashed TryPack:

8Dio EDM TryPack:

Agitato TryPack:

Help! The download tool has been un-packing for an eternity! What should I do?

The un-packing process can take a long time, especially for larger libraries, although in some rare cases an error can occur during the download causing the un-packing process to go on for much longer than it should (e.g. over 24 hours). If this happens we recommend closing the downloader and reopening the downloader. This will restart the unpacking process and should take about 20 min to complete (sometimes longer for larger libraries)

If this does not work you can try a manual unpack of the library, linked below is a video showing how to manually unpack all of the .rar files.

Extracting .RAR Files:

Combining Folders:

If this still does not work, please re-downloaded the library and set the download location to your Desktop, once the library has been downloaded sucssessfully you can move the instrument to the desired location.

I want to check out the PDF manual before I purchase the instrument?

Just give one of our 8Dio gurus a message on live chat or send us an email at support@8dio.com and we'll send it right over!

How do I log into my account?

Our Login page is located here.

You can also click on the conductor at the top right of any page to be taken to your account page.

I haven't received my update yet!

If you haven't received an update please be patient. They usually roll out over the course of a week to ensure our servers are not overloaded. Please remember updates will be sent out to the original purchase e­mail address, so it's always a good idea to check that address as well as your junk folder first. If after 48 hours you still have not received your new download, then please feel free to contact Support and we will assist you as best we can.

There's an unusual amount of strain on my CPU (popping)

Some of our libraries can take a little bit more power than usual. We have Purge buttons on most of our libraries that can reduce the amount of samples or articulations being used at any one time.

Using our LITE patches can also be quite beneficial in reducing the CPU usage on your computer. As the patches with higher voice counts, and more intensive features such as time stretching use more CPU then those without.

The Patch is corrupt and cannot be loaded (unknown), what can I do?

That means you need the latest version of Kontakt to load the instrument. Try to go to Native Instruments, Native Access and upgrade to the latest version of Kontakt, which should resolve this issue.

I never read manuals!

With every purchase we include a detailed manual that explains everything you need to know about the product. It is best to read over the manual before contacting us, as although we are here 24/7, being able to problem solve in realtime is always going to be faster. If you do have any other questions regarding your product, please contact us at - support@8dio.com or though our new Live Chat Feature.

I just missed that sale, can I still get a special offer?

Depends on the circumstance but mostly no.

However, we often run sales through the year on a variety of products, for more information please make sure you sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.

Didn't find your question? Feel free to ask us!