FAQ: Common Questions

History Of 8Dio

8Dio is the leading independent developer of software instruments and inventor of deep-sampling. Founded in 2011 by Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox. Troels is an Academy Award, TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG and D3 award-winning composer and Ph.D scholar in music technologies. Tawnia is the CEO of 8Dio Productions with a long-lasting career as an executive in luxury brands. Together they are set on a mission to balance artistry with engineering with equal weight. No limitations. Infinite possibilities.

8Dio has created an extensive deep-sampled catalogue of advanced instruments - based on millions of samples. Including Majestica - the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled. Epic Taiko Ensembles. Titanic Choirs. 66-piece Tuba Ensembles. 12 Deep-Sampled Pianos. Cinematic Scoring Tools. Adagio String Series. Blendstruments and over 250 advanced deep-sampled instruments.

8Dio products are featured in a majority of current blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV-shows, Broadway productions and the professional sports industry. 8Dio products are also used by high-profile artists, composers and top music producers in all genres.

Does [X] composer use your samples?

A number of top composers use our instrument libraries you can view a selection of them here: https://8dio.com/vanity/composers-and-producers/

I want to write demos for 8Dio?

8DIO features some of the best artists- and demo makers in the world. We are always interested in hearing new things and new submissions, but we only accept stellar compositions. Please send mp3 submissions to info@8dio.com or even better send us a Soundcloud link. We receive submissions every day and listen to all submissions made to us and we will get in touch with you if we are interested in using your composition. If you do not hear from us – we encourage you to post your demo on VI-Control, which is the leading forum for composers and producers, or on our Facebook timeline. [This was the FAQ from 8Dawn]

I want to trial the product before I purchase?

We cannot offer any trials on our instruments except for our 2 Free Try-packs, there are however walk-through videos and sound cloud links demonstrating the instrument on each page that will give you an idea of what the library is capable of.

Please see below for our available free Try-Packs -



Help! The download tool has been un-packing for an eternity! What should I do?

The un-packing process can take a long time, especially for larger libraries, although in some rare cases an error can occur during the download causing the un-packing process to go on for much longer than it should (e.g. over 24 hours). If this happens we recommend stopping the download, erasing the downloaded files and starting a new download - try to make sure there are no interruptions during the download!

I can’t activate my library in native access?

As with the library section of kontakt, Native Access is limited to libraries that are "Powered-By-Kontakt".

Those particular libraries can only be updated through this and with any additional updates to our own libraries, you can view our list here -


I can’t see the library in the Library tab in Kontakt? What can I do?

All of our libraries are standard open ­format Kontakt library, so you can only load and browse its contents by using the normal “Files” and “Database” views in the Kontakt browser. You can also use the “File” menu button at the top of Kontakt. The “Libraries” tab in the Kontakt browser is only designed for locked “Powered­By­Kontakt” Player libraries. That is a design limitation that Native Instruments decided on in Kontakt. The “Add Library” feature of Kontakt was designed to work exclusively for “Powered by Kontakt” player libraries. That’s just the way Native Instruments designed Kontakt. You can still quickly browse and load the libraries Instruments folder using the “Files” tab or by adding it to the “Database” tab in the Kontakt browser. The advantage in making our libraries open­format instruments is that you have direct access and ability to edit or manipulate the .wavs, which is very important to a lot of users. You also don’t need a serial number or use “Add Library” to install it. It’s ready to go as soon as you install it and you can use it on any number of computers you own simultaneously.

My Serial is not working, compadre!

With all serials, you will need to use the whole line given in this example below ­ Copy/Paste the ENTIRE serial code example:

8DioRequiemProfessional11­Johnson­ (7fdre317­1bfc­4dc­8a1c­73b4gsx3aa6)
If the serial is still showing up as “Cannot get product with specified serial” please get in touch with Support.

I haven't received my update yet!

If you haven't received an update please be patient. They usually roll out over the course of a week to ensure our servers are not overloaded. Please remember updates will be sent out to the original purchase e­mail address, so it's always a good idea to check that address as well as your junk folder first. If after 48 hours you still have not received your new download, then please feel free to contact Support and we will assist you as best we can.

What does 8Dio stand for?

8DIO is a premium developer of high-end virtual instruments. The company was founded by British Academy Award-Winning Composer, Troels Folmann.

8DIO (pronounced EIGHT-DEE-OOH) is an abstract version of AUDIO. It refers to 8 Digital Input/Output. The 8 is made of two circles – encapsulating the aspect of tension and release within music. The symbol for infinity is represented by the figure 8. It also correlates with the idea of a full octave and number of great significance in Chinese philosophy, including the Legendary 8 Immortals (Xian). It is also the atomic number of Oxygen and we like all our instruments to have air and breathe. 8 is also the letter: "T" on your phone, which associates to the two founders, Troels and Tawnia. It also ties in with our production music company, 8Dawn, which was founded based on the question: “What did God do on the 8th day?”. We of course have many other obscure and pseudo-intellectual definitions, but hopefully this will suffice.

I just missed that sale, can I still get a special offer?

Depends on the circumstance but mostly no.

However, we often run sales through the year on a variety of products, for more information please make sure you sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.

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