FAQ: Download & Installation

When I load the library into Kontakt, I get a “files Missing” error, what can I do?

If this is solved when you browse for the folder or files, you can save the patch and it will remember where the proper location is. It is best to use the "Search Spotlight" function as this will search your computer at a faster rate.

Downloader not working for me! What now?

Looks like you are experiencing issues related to an incomplete/corrupted download or the 8Dio downloader doesn't work on your particular computer for some reason.
See detailed instructions below on how to use our manual link system and how to download each .rar file separately ­

1. Open up your browser and go to: http://8dio.net/manuallink

2. Enter your account e-mail address and full serial (included in your serial e-mail) and select “Get Links".

3. Download all listed .rar files.

4. If you do not have an unarchiver utility, please download and install the included unarchiver located at the bottom of this page.

5. Select and open the first .rar file, this will typically be named .Part1. This will start the unarchiving process.

6. Once completed please make sure to unarchive the .rar Instrument archive that comes separately with each instrument. This file will NOT have a "Part" in the file name.

7. Once done, add the included contents of the unarchived Instrument folder to the main unarchived content. If a folder already exists in this location, please combine the contents of the folder. (Do not overwrite the pre existing folder)

8. Relocate the final folder to your desired directory and enjoy.

Download and install video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gl7u09hmuctb47/manual%20links.mp4

Help! My download is not working?

8Dio has different solutions for this problem and it is our commitment to ensure your download goes through as soon as possible but there is a few things you can do to help us:

. Please download latest version of Chrome Here

. Please do not use any “download manager” type of software, since it generally tends to confuse the downloads.

. Please ensure that your connection is stable and the problems are not created by your home setup. We recommend testing your speed     by clicking here and reset your router to ensure you are on a stable connection. Please contact your ISP if your connection seems to be impacted.

. Please contact 8Dio ASAP – if your download links have run out of time/attempts and we will send you new ones within approx. 6­8 hours.

If you follow these recommendations and your download problem still persists – then we go to plan 2:

. Please contact 8Dio and describe the download problem in detail.

. 8Dio will set you up with our alternative backup server and ensure you get the product ASAP.

How do my downloads work?

We have a unique watermarking feature that creates the product solely for you, and we often do manual checks & processing of your account and purchase. Please be patient

and if after 48 hours you still haven't received your product, contact us and we will be able to assist you.

Why does it say “Demo” when I load my 8Dio library into Kontakt?

The reason you get "Demo" is because you are using the free player version of Kontakt, which we don't support. All our products require the full retail version of Kontakt to work. However, if you are already using the full version of Kontakt, the "Demo"­ mode means Kontakt has de-­authorised itself due to a registry read/write conflict and reverted to "Player" mode.

When I load the library into Kontakt I get a “Samples Missing” error, what can I do?

If this is solved when you browse for the folder or files, you can save the patch and it will remember where the proper location is.

What does 8Dio stand for?

8DIO is a premium developer of high-end virtual instruments. The company was founded by British Academy Award-Winning Composer, Troels Folmann.

8DIO (pronounced EIGHT-DEE-OOH) is an abstract version of AUDIO. It refers to 8 Digital Input/Output. The 8 is made of two circles – encapsulating the aspect of tension and release within music. The symbol for infinity is represented by the figure 8. It also correlates with the idea of a full octave and number of great significance in Chinese philosophy, including the Legendary 8 Immortals (Xian). It is also the atomic number of Oxygen and we like all our instruments to have air and breathe. 8 is also the letter: "T" on your phone, which associates to the two founders, Troels and Tawnia. It also ties in with our production music company, 8Dawn, which was founded based on the question: “What did God do on the 8th day?”. We of course have many other obscure and pseudo-intellectual definitions, but hopefully this will suffice.

There's an unusual amount of strain on my CPU (popping)

Some of our libraries can take a little bit more power than usual. We have Purge buttons on most of our libraries that can reduce the amount of samples or articulations being used at any one time.

Using our LITE patches can also be quite beneficial in reducing the CPU usage on your computer. As the patches with higher voice counts, and more intensive features such as time stretching use more CPU then those without.

The Patch is corrupt and cannot be loaded (unknown), what can I do?

That means you need the latest version of Kontakt to load the instrument. Try to go to NI service center and upgrade to the latest version of Kontakt, which should resolve this issue.

So how do I un package the library?

Our download tool will do this for you so you won't need to unrar anything yourself. The rar files are there purely for back up purposes. Which we strongly suggest you use our downloader tool as this is the most efficient way of receiving your instrument.

My User Interface (UI) doesn't look quite right, what can I do?


VEPro and Kontakt are a great workflow combination, but you have to ensure that the VEPro slave is connected to the host (in most cases your DAW of choice), otherwise the scripting and programming engine will not be processed, and may result in misplaced graphics. This can be easily resolved by ensuring that VEPro is correctly connected.


If you see a large assortment of grey boxes then it is more than likely that kontakt is having difficulty locating the image references. If the library came with an installer please see below. If not, please ensure that the patch can locate the libraries .nkr file and that you have not been presented by any "missing files" dialogue upon opening the patch.


Not all of our libraries come with installers, you can tell if they do by looking in the root directory of the library. If you see an installer folder, please run the installer before opening any of the included patches. This will ensure that the library looks as intended.

To double check the installer has successfully completed, check your Kontakt images resource folder at

My Documents / Native Instruments / Kontakt 5 / pictures / library name





My download seems broken.

You may have experienced a corrupt download due to brief loss of internet signal. A fresh download is likely your best option. If in doubt please get in touch.

Kontakt can’t find samples/wallpapers. What can I do?

If you’ve checked to make sure that the .rar file downloaded and extracted fully, then it could just be an error in the expected sample path in the .nki file. To fix this, you can use the “Batch Resave” function in Kontakt to automatically correct the file paths so that you never see that error again. Here’s how to do a batch resave of a Kontakt library.

Go to the File menu at the top of Kontakt. At the bottom of the drop down list that appears when you click on it, you’ll see “Batch Resave” as the last option on the list. Press that and then when the browser window pops open, navigate to the main folder of the instrument you’re having trouble with and press OK. It will scan the .nki files in the library to see if any samples are missing or have been moved. Then, when it asks you where the missing samples are after a few minutes, just navigate back to the same main library folder and press OK again. It will take over from there and resave all of the .nki files with the new proper file paths.

This is a useful trick to know if you ever move Kontakt libraries around or ever see that error with any library. Most of the time, Kontakt just needs to re-search for the proper file paths to the samples and then resave those paths into the .nkis so that it remembers where to look from then on.

I think I need to re-download

If you have had any problems using your serial or any issues with the download process, you may have to re-download the product again using our Download Tool. Please try again and if the problem persists, contact us and we will be able to assist you.

I can’t see the library in the Library tab in Kontakt? What can I do?

I can’t see the library in the Library viewer and Kontakt says it can’t load this library when I press the “Add Library” button. All of our libraries are standard open-format Kontakt library, so you can only load and browse its contents by using the normal “Files” and “Database” views in the Kontakt browser. You can also use the “File” menu button at the top of Kontakt. The “Libraries” tab in the Kontakt browser is only designed for locked “Powered-By-Kontakt” Player libraries. That is a design limitation that Native Instruments decided on in Kontakt. The “Add Library” feature of Kontakt was designed to work exclusively for “Powered by Kontakt” player libraries. That’s just the way Native Instruments designed Kontakt. You can still quickly browse and load the Liberis Instruments folder using the “Files” tab or by adding it to the “Database” tab in the Kontakt browser. The advantage in making our libraries open-format instruments is that you have direct access and ability to edit or manipulate the .wavs, which is very important to a lot of users. You also don’t need a serial number or use “Add Library” to install it. It’s ready to go as soon as you install it and you can use it on any number of computers you own simultaneously.

How can I access my 8Dio library in Kontakt?

Please use the normal Kontakt Browser (upper left) and find the .nki files through it (depending on where you have placed the folder on your hard drive). The advantage of making our libraries open­format instruments is that you have direct access and the ability to edit or manipulate the .wav files, which can be very important to a majority of users. Another popular workflow method is to use Kontakts "Quick ­ Load" feature. This allows you to quickly recall your favourite patches by simply right clicking anywhere within the Kontakt workspace.

Can I install this library on an offline computer?

Yes, just download and install the library on a machine that has an Internet connection. Then copy the entire completed library directory to the new computer. You can also move the downloaded rar and/or zip files to the other computer and install them there, following the manual installation instructions included in the pdf manual for each library.

In cases where the library uses a custom UI installer program to install the UI images, you’ll need to run the included UI installer app on the offline machine.

Can't get product with specified URL

The product serial that you received simply needs copied and pasted into the download tool, you need to use the whole serial not just the numbers towards the end. Example: 8DioAdagioViolinsVol1-Folmann-(12345678-1234-4123-5678-123456789012) Simply copy and paste your full code into the Download Tool, press enter, and you should be on your way to downloading your library.

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