FAQ: Licensing

So how does it all work? I add products to my cart, then what?

Our sample libraries come in easily downloadable packages. Your download link(s) will be sent in a separate email only after your payment is processed via PayPal and/or Google checkout AND your identity is verified.

We are hosted on some pretty phat servers, so you should be getting your download
at a minimum of 500k pr. sec – depending on your connection. Per our licensing agreement and security, we limit the number of download attempts and time period that the links are active. However, if you have any trouble successfully downloading any or all of the data, just let us know and we’ll refresh the links for you.

Don’t even think of sharing your license. Don’t be a dick. You’ll put us out of business and good luck getting a bigger budget to do this on your own. Also, Technology now exists that we can see each and every IP that is downloading the product. It is a matter of time until this will catch up to unauthorized downloaders.

I would like to publish, distribute or resell your products. What’s the deal?

We are open to discussing publishing deals, however we do require detailed marketing plans and marketing budgets for all virtual distribution partners – meaning numbers and financials. Please contact us at info@8dio.com if you are interested in representing- and investing into marketing, publishing and distribution for 8DIO.

I am a part of a music production company. Can we share a single license between multiple composers?

The long answer is: “No”, however we do offer group discounts to music production houses and educational institutions. Please contact us at info@8dio.com with your specific request and needs.

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