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  1. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    As other has mentioned it has this artificially stretched out sound when writing at lower bpm. But I have to say that it does sounds good for those who want to write at 140bpm or faster.
    However, this stretched out sound only applies to the longs and not the shorts like staccatos.

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  2. 3 out of 5

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    Century Ostinatos StringsIt sounds wonderful like most 8dio stuff, however this time I have to point
    out something negative:
    You hear quite a bit of obvious time stretching garbling/chorus once you exit
    the 120-140bpm range where most patterns sound great,
    I would say not as versatile on slower tempos for certain motifs and instruments, especially Celli & Basses.

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  3. 2 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I've always loved 8Dio. They were the first company to really wow me with their hyper-realistic samples. So it is with deep remorse that I must say this is my least favorite 8dio library I've ever owned (out of 20+).

    One of my favorite things about the Century Strings and Brass ensembles are the beautiful short notes. Super crisp, I could play them all day long just for fun. So when Century Ostinato came out I was stoked.

    However, after loading it up for the first time, I quickly learned the fatal limitations of the library. The largest (and most prominent reason it is virtually unusable for me) is that every sample was recorded at 140 BPM and is time stretched to match your project's BPM. This sounds fine in theory, but the reality is that harsh artifacts are noticeable in each transient at tempos even 10 BPM lower than that. That means completely forget using them for anything between 70 and 120 BPM. You may think I'm being dramatic, but when I first loaded it up, I didn't even have to listen to the individual samples to know what tempo they were recorded at -- I simply adjusted my DAW's tempo till they finally sounded natural, and wha-bam, 140 BPM.

    (As a side-note, I'm completely aware you can time-stretch the individual patches yourself within the Kontakt UI. And this is often the only way to get a somewhat usable sound-- by taking a slower patch and doubling the tempo. But this doesn't usually sound natural either, and it certainly doesn't make up for ALL of the otherwise inaccessible tempos.)

    In addition to this serious flaw, the ostinato notes don't always line up with the beat - some samples lag behind or jump ahead a little, leaving a full phrase sound messy when combined with other orchestration (or even other instruments within the library).

    Finally, when switching to triplets (specifically with the cellos) the rhythm isn't just too slow or fast for individual beats, it actually skips a note, trying to match 11 notes over the course of 12 triplets. Although this is simply a programming error, it feels really terrible when you want it, as the patch becomes useless.

    TLDR; I really wish 8Dio would overhaul this library along with the main Century libraries, as it frankly needs some serious work if not complete re-sampling to become usable. This is saddening, as not only is 8Dio my favorite VI company, but I'm crazy about osinato strings, and I would absolutely love to have a library like this to complement my lovely Century Ensemble strings. Here's to hoping they will make it happen!

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Real OstinatosI've always been dreaming of the perfect ostinato strings with a movie like feeling. This is that library! It also seems to fit great with my other non-8dio libraries. It is not super taxing on your computer either. The library will cover most of all my writing and therefore I give it 5*, I do however hope they expand the concept to brass and woodwinds if they haven't already!

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