Century Strings Try-Pack for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Instruments & Samples

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Rated 3.00 out of 5 stars

Rated 3.00 out of 5 stars

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by Joshua (04/18/2020)
Sounds ok , but cuts out pretty quickly


Rated 3 out of 5 stars


  • Price: $4
  • New-Generation. Hyper-Realistic Strings.
  • Single Articulation Access for Viola & Sordino 1st Violins
  • 700 samples
  • Multiple Microphones (Mixed, Close 1, Close 2, Close 3, Decca, Wide/Far)
  • Complete Room Control from dry to wet
  • Fluent controls over Dynamics (MW), Expression and Speed
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required
  • Get Full Version HERE

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Century Strings Try-Pack for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Instruments & Samples overview

Welcome to Century Orchestral Strings Try-Pack

We want to give everyone the opportunity to try Century Strings Sordino & Ensemble for themselves.

Century Orchestral Strings is available in three volumes: Traditional Ensemble Strings, Sordino (Muted) Ensemble Strings and a Bundle featuring both and saves you 30% compared to individual volumes.

The Traditional Ensemble Strings contains five unique string ensembles, including 1st Violins (7 players), 2nd Violins (4 players), Violas (5 players), Cellos (4 players) and Basses (4 players). All the five sections virtually contain the same articulations, so you can freely orchestrate all the sections. The Sordino Strings also contain similar symmetry, so everything can be mixed.

Century Orchestral Strings were recorded in a new and advanced environment that allowed us to both have wet (hall) and close (studio) sounding strings at the same time. This means you have total room control. From large, lush orchestral strings to close and intimate studio strings. Six different microphone options, including Mixed, Decca, Wide/Far and three close studio spot mics (Close 1-3).

The new user-interface binds it all together. Access the entire articulation matrix with a single click of a mouse. Instant access to all microphones and articulation controls. Century is complex underneath, yet so simple and beautiful on the outside.

Century Orchestral Strings contains every single articulation you would expect – and a wealth of new and intelligent patches. All legato articulations are dynamically layered and with full vibrato control. All arcs are velocity based. Play soft and get a soft arc. Play harder and get a more pronounced arc. Arcs were also recorded at different speeds, so they elegantly wrap around your composition. The short notes were recorded so deep they may never need to be sampled again.

The Try-Pack features all microphone positions and a multi-dynamic layered Arc for Violas and 1st Violin Sordino. The Try-Pack is designed and built in our advanced Century user-interface. Offering you a vast array of different options to truly express yourself.

8Dio Century Series is the culmination of decades of sampling and took over three years to produce. Pushing the boundaries of emotional and musical sampling. We hope the Try-Pack will inspire you to explore the rest of the Century Orchestral collection.

Real Strings. Real Emotion

The beating heart of Century Orchestral Strings is its completely realistic sound, playability and emotion. Every string section has a unique character and wide dynamic profile. You can easily weave in and out of dynamics. All legatos are dynamically layered and with full ability to control vibrato. Arcs are also velocity-based, so just play and feel the strings. 9 different types of short notes. But perhaps, more importantly, is the fact we paid equal attention to traditional and sordino (muted) strings, so you can mix and match between regular and muted strings. The combination of the two is integral to that motion picturesque soft, silky and emotional sound.

Control The Room. Completely

Century Orchestral Strings comes with 6 dedicated microphone positions. First, you have our three hall microphones: “Mixed, DECCA and Wide/Far”, which offers you the traditional large symphonic sound. Secondly, you have up to three dedicated close microphones: “Close 1, Close 2 and Close 3”, which gives you a much more dry, close and studio like sound. You can freely mix between all the microphones. Perhaps you want those 1st violins playing a melody with a lush DECCA microphone, while the 2nd violins are more present with a mixture of Close and DECCA mics. The many panning options allows you to place the strings exactly where you want them – both in regards to distance (mics) and panoramic perspective (pan).

Instant Access. To Everything

Access all articulations with a single click. One of the cornerstones of Century is the architecture behind it. All patches in Century comes with 10 empty slots. Click on any of the slots and gain instant access to all the articulations. Select whatever you want and you are set. Every slot automagically gets assigned to a key-switch, so you can literally create an advanced articulation matrix of up to 10 articulations in just a few seconds. So no more loading program different program files. No more hassle. It is all there – conveniently inside of the same patch – just a click away.

*The Try Pack is limited to a single Expressive Arc articulation.

Dynamic Legato. Seamless Expression

Century Orchestral Strings sets a new standard for legato sampling. Casting sessions were held and we hand-picked the best string players from all across Europe – not just a single country. We created new sampling techniques – allowing us to record the instruments more dynamically. The end-result offers you the ability to freely move between dynamics. The sound is truly authentic, dynamic and lyrical. All the instruments have personality. Designed to move you. Designed to move your audience. Infused with personality. Effortless Playability.

*The Try Pack is limited to a single Expressive Arc articulation.

Century Bundle

Century Orchestral Strings is offered in two separate libraries. One for Traditional Ensemble Strings and another for Sordino (Muted) Strings. The two libraries were fully designed to be used together and all core articulations are symmetrical between the two libraries. We’ve created a Century Orchestral String Bundle that contains both volumes and saves you 30% off compared to the individual volumes. We’ve also created a Century Strings try-pack, which gives you a little sneak-peak into the world of Century Strings. The try pack contains a couple of our expressive arcs – with access to all microphone positions. Click here for the Strings Bundle.

  • Recorded at 24 Bit – 96 kHz (Downsampled to 48 KHz) at our custom scoring stage in Europe.
  • Close 1 (Spot) Microphone Position 1*
  • Close 2 (Spot) Microphone Position 2*
  • Close 3 (Spot) Microphone Position 3*
  • Mixed Microphone Position
  • Decca Microphone Position
  • Close Microphone Position
  • Wide Microphone Position

*  Amount of Close (Spot) Microphones available is dependent on ensemble / section size

The Try-Pack is limited to a single articulation per section.

  • 1st Violin Sordino – Arc Long Decrescendo
  • Viola – Arc Short Decrescendo
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required
  • Kontakt 5 is 32 and 64-bit compatible on both PC and Mac platforms
  • Century Ensemble Strings requires 967 MB of hard drive space
  • Runs as a stand-alone application, VST® or Audio Units plug-in, AAX® under Pro Tools
  • Minimum: 4 GB RAM. 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended