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  1. 5 out of 5

    Love it!I really liked the demo from Troels but when I tried it, it was no sounding exactly the same, there was something missing... it was the REVERB! So when I went to the effects page I switched it on and the factory preset is "studio", which is really nice. There are lots of other different reverb presets.

    The sound is nice and the playability is really good, very similar to Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin. There is just so many more articulations with 8Dio's and the tone is different so it is a welcomed new sound in my arsenal.

    I did not yet tried all articulations but I am not disapointed with my purchase. Will use it more and more in my compositions and think it is an amazing product for the price.
    Can't wait to hear the cello! Viola and bass will be interesting too!

    I recommend this violin.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The Best Sampled Solo Violin!8Dio did a really good job on this. The first thing I listened for was the tone and quality of the dynamics and the violin itself. Until now, there were only two companies that I think have good sounding dynamics especially in the lower levels, and 8Dio's Studio Quartet Series: Deep Solo Violin surpasses them. The different vibrato types are also perfect! They are not too fast, nor are they too slow. They are spot on. This is the real deal for emotional violin composing. Also, this is like a 10GB library with tons of articulations, and it's only $98! I've spent big money on solo violin libraries with only a fracture of the content that's included in this library. Good work, 8Dio! Whatever you did to capture the tone of the dynamics and the violin, please do this with future instruments. I rate this a perfect 10/10.

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