The Bible of Salsa: Volume One

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 stars

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by CEMRE DEO (10/23/2019)
¡Perfección! La "Bible of Salsa" es la biblioteca de muestra real definitiva para salsa y música lat...


Rated 5 out of 5 stars


  • Price: $98 (Goes $198 on December 1st)
  • Deep-Sampled Salsa Collection
  • 35 GB compressed to 19.6GB (11,077 Samples)
  • 5 Instrument categories (Brass, Bass, Percussion, Piano and Vox)
  • Multiple Rhythmic Variations
  • Salsa (fast and slow), Timba, Guaracha, Boogaloo
  • Guaguanco, Yoruba, Columbia, Salsa Choque
  • Bolero and Plena.
  • Brand New Advanced User Interface
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

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    Bible of Salsa: Volume One - Walkthrough

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    Bible of Salsa: Volume One - Session Photos

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    Bible of Salsa: Volume One - Beta Invitation

The Bible of Salsa: Volume One overview

To push the limits of modern sampling, we traveled to Cali, Colombia, the self-proclaimed ‘World Capital of Salsa’ to record the most in-depth Salsa collection ever produced. Along with stellar musicians and surrounded by the amazing energy latino artists have, we spent months recording what would become this jewel that is ‘The Bible of Salsa’. Our trip to Colombia was not in vain, as we managed to capture the authentic sabor that can only be heard in places where an artform is more than a hobby, but life itself. We ‘heard’ salsa, ‘learned’ salsa, ‘lived’ salsa and came up with what is one of our proudest achievements.

This First Volume contains thousands of rhythmic patterns, improvised phrases and multi-sampled phrases in unison specifically tailored towards Salsa music and its many, many sub-styles including Timba, Guaracha, Bolero, Boogaloo, Guaguanco, Yoruba, Columbia, Slow Salsa, Fast Salsa, Choque and Plena. Over the last two years, we have worked with professional Salsa musicians sampling everything you need to create this authentic and beautiful type of music.

Each Brass, recorded in amazing detail provides thousands of custom phrases to create the perfect Salsa song. You can use these individual improvised phrases to create your own custom melodic solos, or multi-sampled phrases in unison to comp with the perfect rhythmic passages, which thanks to our advanced polyphonic legato technique, can do fast voice movements not possible with traditional multi-sampling. Although in unison, each of the instruments were recorded isolated, allowing detailed control over each of them.

The piano rhythmic patterns (montunos) have a huge range of chord choices played in root position along with the most used inversions for this type of music. The beauty of sampling independent phrases is that you can get real performances from real players with the touch of a key.

To capture the essence of Salsa percussion, we have spent over two years meticulously planning, sampling and programming multiple rhythms of Salsa substyles, each containing all their parts and even breaks. Each instrument also includes real multiple dynamic layers and a wealth of essential controls, giving you the ultimate flexibility over each phrase. A new standard for phrases based sampling. Additionally, each percussion was recorded using multiple microphone positions offering you the opportunity to work on your own mix.

A four-voices choir was recorded with each of the voices isolated, giving you perfect control over each of them and, thanks to our stellar Multi-Vowel legato developed for Insolidus, allowing you to create choral passages with unprecedented realism. All the choir phrases were recorded using both traditional voices and the ‘nasal’ color featured in authentic Salsa music.

An authentic Baby Bass was recorded both amped and through DI-box, playing all the rhythms for ease of use. Press one key and get the perfect ‘tumbao’.

Every single sample is tempo-synced, and each instrument was recorded in sync with one another; this means that if you load all the percussion instruments at the same time, one key will play the whole ensemble instantly — simplicity meets authenticy all at the touch of a button.


Salsa Volume 1 contains 19 phrase/rhythmic-based instruments separated into five categories (Baby Bass, Brass, Percussion, Piano, and Vocals). The Brass section is broken up into four main sections: Tenor Saxophone, Solo Trumpet, Solo Trombone, and a Unison Ensemble. Our vocal section features our advanced Polyphonic Phrase Legato used in our most recent choirs and includes both traditional singing, and nasal singing used in authentic Salsa music. Our Piano includes every common chord found in traditional Salsa music, both in root position and in various inversions, sampled in a variety of rhythms. It would not be a Salsa band if we did not include groovy Baby Bass Player and a full 12 piece percussion section that will take you places playing throughout all the different substyles. Finally, our massive percussion section, ready to play and composed by Bongos, Cajon, Conga (5 types), Large and Small Cowbells, Drums, Guiro, Maracas, Shekere, and Timbales.

Sub Styles

The challenge we face as sample developers when sonically capturing ethnic instruments or instruments within an ethnic genre is both authenticity and realism. For two years we studied, learned and lived through Salsa to get on this journey and make it unique and worth it. Eleven different sub-styles including Salsa (slow and fast), Timba, Guaracha, Bolero, Boogaloo, Guaguanco, Yoruba, Columbia, Salsa Choque, and Plena are included in this first Volume. Each of these styles offers an entirely different pallet of complex patterns you can use to build your very own Salsa motives. The possibilities are endless. 


Each of the Brasses contains thousands of custom phrases recorded in two different set of tempos and six keys (3 major, 3 minor). Because all the phrases are improvised, they all are unique. Additionally, we also recorded them in ensemble playing phrases in unison. These phrases can be manipulated in an infinite number of ways, as each of the instruments is isolated, offering independent control. Every instrument is in sync with your DAW, but also with one another. Mix, match, and combine custom phrases from multiple different styles of this unique type of music and create your very own advanced rhythms and melodies. We want you to have the complete freedom to create authentic-sounding Salsa Music. 


With a new genre of instruments comes a brand new GUI! Everything has been redesigned from the ground up with one word in mind… accessibility.  All of your absolute essential controls are accessible right on the front page. Control Dynamics, Sample Offset, ADSR, Tuning, Speed of Each Phrase, Gate, Polyphonic Legato (where available) and have complete control over the way music moves all from the home page. If you need more Sound Design options, we have you covered as we also included our popular 4-Part X/Y Effects Engine and Chaos effects to sculpt, shape, and mangle your sound to your heart’s content.

Baby Bass Phrases

  • Salsa Cascara (120 BPM)
  • Salsa Mambo (120 BPM)
  • Salsa Cascara (200 BPM)
  • Salsa Mambo (200 BPM)
  • Timba Cascara (170 BPM)
  • Timba Mambo (170 BPM)
  • Timba Bomba (170 BPM)
  • Timba Moña (170 BPM)
  • Guarcha Cascara (140 BPM)
  • Guarcha Mambo (140 BPM)
  • Boogaloo Cascara (180 BPM)
  • Plena Cascara (240 BPM)

Tenor Saxophone Phrases

  • C Major (170 BPM)
  • F Major (170 BPM)
  • Bb Major (170 BPM)
  • F Minor (170 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (170 BPM)
  • C Major (220 BPM)
  • F Major (220 BPM)
  • Bb Major (220 BPM)
  • F Minor (220 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (220 BPM)

Trombone Phrases

  • C Major (170 BPM)
  • F Major (170 BPM)
  • Bb Major (170 BPM)
  • F Minor (170 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (170 BPM)
  • C Major (220 BPM)
  • F Major (220 BPM)
  • Bb Major (220 BPM)
  • F Minor (220 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (220 BPM)

Trumpet Phrases

  • C Major (170 BPM)
  • F Major (170 BPM)
  • Bb Major (170 BPM)
  • F Minor (170 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (170 BPM)
  • C Major (220 BPM)
  • F Major (220 BPM)
  • Bb Major (220 BPM)
  • F Minor (220 BPM)
  • Bb Minor (220 BPM)

Phrases Unison

  • Salsero
  • Candela
  • Baila
  • Cantando
  • Fiesta
  • Queloque
  • Llevalo
  • Chaca Chaca
  • Salson
  • Movimento
  • Buelta
  • Ocho
  • A Tiempo
  • Maraquero
  • Figura
  • Creando
  • Sonero
  • Teso
  • Niche
  • Africando
  • Compleja
  • Esplit
  • Asi Noma
  • Parranda

Piano Phrases

  • Salsa Cascara (120 BPM)
  • Salsa Mambo (120 BPM)
  • Salsa Cascara (200 BPM)
  • Salsa Mambo (200 BPM)
  • Timba Cascara (170 BPM)
  • Timba Mambo (170 BPM)
  • Timba Bomba (170 BPM)

Piano Chord Types:

  • Major Root Position
  • Major 1st Inversion
  • Major 2nd Inversion
  • Major 6/2nd Inversion
  • Minor Root Position
  • Minor 1st Inversion
  • Minor 2nd Inversion
  • Minor 6/2nd Inversion
  • Dom 7 Root Position
  • Dom 7 1st Inversion
  • Dom 7 2nd Inversion
  • Major 7 1st Inversion
  • Major 7 3rd Inversion
  • Major 9th 3rd Inversion
  • Minor 7 (b5) 1st Inversion
  • Minor 7 (b5) 3rd Inversion
  • Dom 9 Root Position
  • Dom 9 1st Inversion
  • Dom 9 2nd Inversion
  • Minor 7 3rd Inversion
  • Minor 9th 3rd Inversion
  • 9/13 3rd Inversion

Vocal (Traditional and Nasal)

  • Salsero Muevete
  • Vamospa La Fiesta
  • Ay Que Se Biene Mi Gente
  • Que La Fiesta
  • No Pare Jamas
  • Vamonos Pa Cali A Gozar

Percussion (assorted by instruments or by rhythm)

  • Bongos
  • Cajon
  • Clave
  • Congas
  • Cowbell
  • Cowbell Large
  • Drums
  • Guiro
  • Maracas
  • Shekere
  • Timbal


  • Bolero
  • Boogaloo
  • Columbia
  • Guaguanco
  • Guaracha
  • Plena
  • Salsa Slow
  • Salsa Fast
  • Salsa Choque
  • Timba
  • Yoruba
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8+ required / Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player
  • Runs as host or stand-alone application, VST® or Audio Units plug-in, AAX® under Pro Tools
  • Minimum: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. 8 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended. For TMPro Patches, i7 or equivalent is highly recommended.
  • The Bible of Salsa: Volume 1 requires 19.8 GB of Hard Drive Space
  • Sample resolution: 48Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav, .ncw format
  • Format(s): Kontakt