All Century Strings Bundle

All Century Strings Bundle

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This bundle expires 31st December 2023

  • Century Strings Normale
  • 141.52GB / 155,410 Samples
  • 1st Violins (6) and 2nd Violins (4)
  • Violas (6), Cellos (4), and Basses (4)
  • Up to 8 Microphone Positions

  • Century Strings Sordino
  • 112.6GB / 127,669 Samples
  • Sordino 1st Violins (6) and 2nd Violins (4)
  • Sordino Violas (5), Cellos (4), and Basses (3)
  • Up to 8 Microphone Positions

  • Century Ostinato Strings I
  • 11.83GB / 20,700 Samples
  • 6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos & 4 Basses
  • 4 Advanced Mics (Mixed, Decca, Close & Far)

  • Century Ostinato Strings II
  • 8.12GB / 8,445 Samples
  • 6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos & 4 Basses
  • 4 Mic Positions (Mixed, Decca, Close & Far)

  • Century Harps
  • 30.16GB / 21,446 Samples
  • Deep-Sampled Venus Concert Harp
  • Deep-Sampled Lyon & Healy Concert Harp
  • 1 Close / Intimate Microphone Position
  • 3 Hall Microphone Positions (Mixed, DECCA, Wide)

  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required
  • Production Costs: $978,000


The Deal Of A Century

The Century Bundle presents an unparalleled collection of orchestral sample libraries, featuring the groundbreaking Century Strings 2.0, Century Ostinato Strings I & II, and our 2 Century Harps. Century Strings features comprehensive enhancement introduces the true polyphonic legato, allowing users to play unlimited notes, whether crafting single melodies with chords or exploring strings in octaves, thanks to the innovative Chordal Legato and Poly-Time Legato features. The inclusion of two custom-made microphone mixes, optimized speed, and Chaos Effects for signal customization further enrich the sonic possibilities, providing enhanced separation in sound and superior performance on various workstations.

All Century Strings was recorded in a dual environment, wet (hall) and close (studio), these strings offer total room control, showcasing a dynamic range from large, lush orchestral strings to close and intimate studio strings. With an intuitive user interface and access to a diverse range of articulations, and includes intelligently programmed patches for a wealth of expressive possibilities.

The Century Strings Bundle extends beyond strings with the inclusion of Century Harps and Century Ostinato Strings. Century Harps features two distinct concert harps, each offering unique tonal qualities, adding richness and depth to orchestrations. Meanwhile, Century Ostinato Strings, with over 20,700 ostinato samples and four microphone positions, brings life to string writing with easy playability and realistic string ostinatos, breathing a new soul into orchestral compositions. This bundle serves as a cost-effective solution, empowering composers with an extensive array of tools for creating breathtaking orchestral arrangements.