All Legion Bundle

All Legion Bundle

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This bundle expires 31st December 2023

  • Legion Series - 66 Cellos: 11.33GB / 15,730 Samples

  • Legion Series - 66 Basses: 14,299 Samples / 15.06GB

  • Legion Series - 66 Trombones: 9.74GB / 11,940 Samples

  • Legion Series - 66 Tubas: 10,120 Samples / 9.74GB

  • Deep-Sampled 66 Player Ensemble
  • Clean & Trailer Mixes for instant cutting-edge sound
  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required

Unleash Epic Orchestral Innovation

Legion 66 Series is the pinnacle of our epic ensembles line, catering to the specific demands of large-scale orchestration in contemporary compositions.

Captured in our preferred modern recording hall, this installment showcases elite performers gathered from across Europe, presenting a rare sampling opportunity. Beyond the comprehensive set of core articulations, including sustains, legatos, and short notes, we've enriched these libraries with an array of ensemble effects such as tuning clusters, seagulls, and Host-Sync’d ostinatos. These libraries are versatile and instantly impactful sound across various options make it a delight to work with, serving as an indispensable asset in the toolkit of any cinematic composer.

Boasting 10 distinct microphone perspectives to faithfully convey the spatial and ensemble nuances, Legion 66 Series offers a thorough and adaptable experience. Accessible through the familiar 3D-rendered user interface, the library provides a 4-part effects engine, expression, gate, and tuning options, complemented by an intuitive step sequencer. Effortlessly control and automate sample playback with precision through attack, release, speed, pitch envelope, glide, and offset controls. Sampling ensembles of this magnitude presents unique challenges, sparking boundless creativity not only in recording techniques but also in crafting diverse textures and articulation styles achievable with the caliber of the Legion 66 Series. Uncompromising in our commitment, we've established a new benchmark in epic scoring.