All Strings Bundle

All Strings Bundle

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This bundle expires March 1st, 2024

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    • Century Strings Normale
    • 141.52GB / 155,410 Samples
    • 1st Violins (6) and 2nd Violins (4)
    • Violas (6), Cellos (4), and Basses (4)
    • Up to 8 Microphone Positions

    • Century Strings Sordino
    • 112.6GB / 127,669 Samples
    • Sordino 1st Violins (6) and 2nd Violins (4)
    • Sordino Violas (5), Cellos (4), and Basses (3)
    • Up to 8 Microphone Positions

    • Century Ostinato Strings I
    • 11.83GB / 20,700 Samples
    • 6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos & 4 Basses
    • 4 Advanced Mics (Mixed, Decca, Close & Far)

    • Century Ostinato Strings II
    • 8.12GB / 8,445 Samples
    • 6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos & 4 Basses
    • 4 Mic Positions (Mixed, Decca, Close & Far)

    • Intimate Studio Strings
    • 45.12GB / 59.7K Samples
    • True Deep-Sampled Studio Strings
    • Advanced Section Control
    • Up to 256 String Size Combinations

    • Deep Quintet Strings:
    • 15.29GB / 14K Samples
    • 9-way Round Robin Legato articulations
    • 15 Articulations
    • Advanced Section Control

    • Deep Solo Violin: 11.61GB / 20,122 Samples
    • Deep Solo Viola: 11.35GB / 18,651 Samples
    • Deep Solo Cello: 11.23GB / 19,043 Samples
    • Deep Solo Bass: 9.64GB / 16,642 Samples
    • Ultra Deep-Sampled Virtuoso Solo Strings
    • 88 Articulations & Near & Ambient Microphones

    • Anthology Strings: 47.02GB / 66,902 Samples
    • Full Ensemble- and Individual String Sections
    • Custom Browser w/ Built-In Articulation Matrix
    • Arc Control w/ Speed and Velocity built-in

  • Delivered by Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required
  • Production Costs: $2.8M

    The Ultimate Strings Collection

    Introducing the Ultimate Orchestral Bundle – a comprehensive collection of premium sample libraries curated to elevate your orchestral compositions. This bundle features the groundbreaking Century Strings 2.0, Century Ostinato Strings I & II, the Intimate Studio Strings series, Deep Solo Strings, Deep Quintet Strings, and Anthology offering an unparalleled array of orchestral sounds and textures.

    The Century Strings components redefine orchestral string sampling with innovative features such as true polyphonic legato, Chordal Legato, Poly-Time Legato, and Chaos Effects for customizable signals. Recorded in dual environments (wet and close), these strings offer dynamic room control, from lush orchestral to intimate studio strings. With a user-friendly interface, diverse articulations, and intelligently programmed patches, Century Strings guarantees expressive possibilities.

    Century Ostinato Strings inject life into string writing with over 20,700 ostinato samples and four microphone positions, providing easy playability and realistic string ostinatos.

    The Intimate Studio Strings series, recorded over 500 hours at Gorbals Sound, Scotland's Premiere Recording Studio, showcases advanced techniques and customizable studio sounds. With unique isolation technologies, 256 possible combinations of section sizes, and fully capable mixers for each instrument, this series offers modern, playable, and fully customizable studio sound.

    Deep Solo Strings represents a leap in sampling, featuring some of today's greatest solo string performers. With 88 articulations, including true polyphonic legato, short-note options, Ostinatos, and more, these strings were recorded at Gorbals Sound with precision and detail. The included browser system provides access to advanced playing styles and articulations.

    Deep Quintet Strings takes string sampling to a new level with 9-way Round Robin legato, capturing the realism and beauty of two Violins, one Viola, and two Cellos. Offering flexibility to solo, mute, or pan between instruments, and the ability to switch between close and distant mic positions, this library ensures a dynamic and authentic performance.

    Anthology Strings transforms Adagio Strings with Ensemble, Divisi, and Solo sections recorded in a unique church setting using grand Neumann microphones. This library prioritizes playability, emotion, and ease-of-use, offering sound mastery with three positions and avoiding overwhelming reverb. With a symmetrical design and custom smart browser, Anthology delivers expressive virtual strings for composers and producers seeking effortless playability and genuine emotion.

    With meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality, the Ultimate Orchestral Bundle stands as a cost-effective solution, empowering composers with a vast array of tools to create breathtaking orchestral arrangements. Elevate your compositions and dive into a world of unparalleled orchestral expression.