CAGE Bundle

CAGE Bundle

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • 33,000+ Samples. 66GB (compressed from 149.2GB)
  • 9 Microphone Positions (5 Ensemble and 4 Spot Mics)
  • High and Low String Sections
  • Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone Sections
  • High and Low Woodwind Sections
  • 80,000+ Lines of Custom Code. 3D Rendered UI
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Full Retail (or later) Required


Cage Bundle

Welcome to CAGE bundle for Strings, Brass & Woodwinds – the most comprehensive collection of Orchestral Effects ever done. CAGE comes in three dedicated volumes for Strings, Brass and Woodwinds and each volume contains 9 microphone positions. The microphones are divided into two core groups: Ensemble (Close, Mixed, Decca, Far, Wide) and Divisi (Spot Mic 1, 2, 3 and 4). So, whether you want full ensemble or more chamber (divisi) oriented FX – it’s all there at your fingertips. The CAGE Bundle contains all three volumes of CAGE.

We wanted to create something definitive and unrivaled. It is nearly impossible to find an effect not covered. The incredible depth of articulations is supported by our custom CAGE Chaos Engine, which contains over 80.000 lines of code. The CAGE Chaos Engine allows you to take complete control of the samples and you can control over 1.500 sample parameters with a single click. You can also randomize all the rack-fx (ex. trance-gate, filters, EQ). An infinity of possibilities. The entire user-interface was designed in gorgeous 3D, making it easy for newcomers and experts.  

But most importantly CAGE is the most comprehensive collection of orchestral FX ever done. Take something as simple a “string riser”. It’s no longer a matter of whether you want a rising string sound. It is a matter of whether you want it in normal legato glissando or perhaps with tremolo motion to it – maybe you want more of a trill based glissando or maybe you just want a horrific grinding string variation. CAGE has it all and is the definitive collection of orchestral FX.




Hyper Flexible User Interface

CAGE has one of the most advanced, yet highly intuitive interfaces for orchestral sampling. We took a variety of the concepts from our V8P/8W Orchestral library and ported them into CAGE. The UI includes an advanced articulation browser with assignable articulations, advanced arpeggiation, and polyphonic step sequencing.

Superior Mics and Mixing

CAGE contains 9 different microphones, which are divided into 5 ensemble mics (close, mixed, decca, far, wide) and 4 divisi mics (spot 1-4), allowing you to dial in the perfect sound of your choice. In addition, CAGE also comes with a wealth of convolution presets, so you can add otherworldly flavors to your sound.

CAGE Chaos Engine

The CAGE Chaos Engine is perhaps the most extreme feature in CAGE. We wanted to take the concept of Aleatoric (Chance & Randomization) Music and port into the user-interface. The CAGE Chaos Engine allows you randomize over 1,500 sample parameters with one click, while also randomizing our new 8Dio FX System (3.0).


CAGE Woodwinds:

High Winds Long-Effects 

  • Chattering Chaos 
  • Sust. Cluster Arcs 
  • Sust. Cluster Arcs Vari 2 
  • Sust Cluster Arcs Vari 3 
  • Cluster Sustains 
  • Cluster Sustains Vari 2 
  • Crazy Textures 
  • Crazy Textures Vari 2 
  • Trill Arc 

High Winds Short-Effects 

  • Cluster Falls 
  • Cluster Rips Up 
  • Cluster Rips Down 
  • Cluster Rips Up Vari 2 
  • Runs 1-20 
  • Runs 21-40 
  • Runs 41-60 
  • Runs 61-80 
  • Runs 80-90 

Low Winds Long-Effects 

  • Sust. Cluster Arc 
  • Minor Cluster Arc Trills 
  • Minor Cluster Arc Trills Vari 2 
  • Cluster Sust FX 
  • Cluster Sust FX Vari 2 
  • Cluster Sust Variation 1 
  • Cluster Sust Variation 2 
  • Cluster Sust Variation 3 
  • Cluster Trill Arc 
  • Multi-phonics FX 
  • Staccato Chaos 15 
  • Staccato Chaos 20 

Low Winds Short-Effects 

  • Short Sustain Cluster Arcs 

CAGE Brass:  

Trumpets Long Effects 

  • Cluster Rise 
  • Cluster Tension 
  • Ascending Double Tongue 
  • Descending Double Tongue 
  • Slow Asc. Flutter Tongue 
  • Wild Stac. Textures 
  • Flutter Tongue Dissonant Textures 
  • Chattering Chaos 
  • Shriek Phrases 
  • Double Tongue De/Crescendo 
  • Slow Valve Falls 
  • Slow Valve Runs 
  • Slow Muted Bend 
  • Aggressive Double Tongue Phrase 

Trumpet Short Effects 

  • Cluster Falls 
  • Medium Ascending Flutter Tongue 
  • Fast Flutter Tongue 
  • Savage Shrieks 
  • Asc. Dissonant Runs 
  • Fast Valve Falls 
  • Overblown Impulse 

Trumpet Multi-Samples 

  • Fast Tonal Bends Into Dissonance 
  • Slow Tonal Bends Into Dissonance 
  • Tearing Arc Into Dissonance 
  • Tonal Glissando Falls 
  • Marcato Marcato 
  • Power Sustain Marcato_Looped 
  • Flutter Tongue Arc 
  • Power Crescendo Arc 
  • Staccatissimo Stacmo 
  • Fast Staccatissimo 
  • Fast Stacmo 

Horns Short Effects 

  • Falls 
  • Aggressive Rips 
  • Aggressive Rips/Falls 
  • Rolling Valve 

Horns Long Effects 

  • Experimental Cluster 
  • Chatter Chaos 
  • Lip Tremolos 

Horns Multi Samples 

  • Descending Ripping Marcatos Stopped 
  • Ripping Marcatos Stopped 
  • Arc mp-f-mp 
  •  Power Marcatos 
  •  Power Marcatos Looped 
  •  Power Marcatos Stopped 
  •  Power Marcatos Stopped Looped 
  •  Sffz Crescendo Short 
  •  Staccattissimo – RR x 9 
  •  Staccattissimo Stopped – RR x 6 

Trombone Short Effects 

  • Fast Falls 
  • Aggressive Double Tongue 
  • Short Arc Rip 
  • Tearing Rips 
  • Tearing Short Gliss 
  • Fast Aggressive Bend 
  • Fast Tearing Bends 

Trombone Long Effects 

  • Long Falls 
  • Cluster Crescendo 
  • Soft Cluster Falls 
  • Dissonant Phrases 
  • Insane Textures 
  • Dissonant Decrescendo 
  • Glissando Cluster 
  • Tearing Slow Glissando 
  • Clustered Textures 
  • High Gliss Bend 

Trombone Multi-Samples 

  • Marcato 
  •  Power Sustain Marcato Looped 
  •  Power Cresendo Arc 
  •  Staccatissimo 
  •  Tonal Bends Down Major 
  •  Tonal Bends Up Major 
  •  Tonal Bends Down Minor 
  •  Tonal Bends Up Minor 
  •  Tonal Bends Down Third 
  •  Tonal Bends Up Third 
  •  Tonal Fast Bends Down Major 
  •  Tonal  Fast Bends Up Major 

CAGE Strings:

High String Long-Effects 

  • Strings Bends Eerie Lost 
  • Sul Ponticello Tremolo Minor Ascending Gesture 
  • Sul Ponticello Tremolo Tritone Ascending Gesture 
  • Minor Trill Clusters 
  • Chatter Chaos 
  • Aggressive Chopping Bow Long Phrase 
  • Grinding Strings Glissandi 
  • Grinding Random Texture 
  • Harmonic Glissando 
  • Disturbing Textural Tremolo Shrieking Bowings 
  • Disturbing Textural Bowings 
  • Disturbing Textural Random Chatter 
  • Disturbing Textural Descending Glissando 
  • Disturbing Textural Ascending Glissando 
  • Long Glissando Falls 
  • Long Glissando Risers 
  • Fortissismo Glissando 
  • Tremolo Glissando Faster 
  • Minor Trill Glissando 

High Strings Short-Effects 

  • Fast Gliss Up & Down 
  • Aggressive Dissonant Strike Position 1 
  • Aggressive Dissonant Strike Position 2 
  • Cutting Dissonant Ricochet 
  • Short Legato Glissando Tear Descending 
  • Short Legato Glissando Tear Ascending 
  • Harmonic Glissando Strokes 
  • Very Short Glissando Hits 
  • Glissando Pizzicato Chaos 

Low String Long-Effects 

  • Forte Trill Impulses 
  • Con Legno Chaos 
  • Pizzicato Chaos 
  • Chopping Bow Chaos 
  • Short Tremolo Glissando w/ Tear 
  • Eerie Textural Sustains 
  • Agitated Bending Bows 
  • Grinding Dissonant Hit Longer 
  • Behind The Bridge Chaos 
  • Disturbing Textural Random Chatter 
  • Textural Random Chatter 2nd variation 
  • Tremolo Glissando Medium Descending 
  • Grinding Textural Chaos 
  • Harmonic Glissando Low String 
  • Minor Trill Glissando 
  • Textural Chaos 
  • Tremolo Glissando Slow 

Low String Short-Effects 

  • Chaos Hits 
  • Aggressive Dissonant Strikes 
  • Aggressive Dissonant Hits 
  • Aggressive Dissonant Hits Sul Ponti 
  • Grinding Dissonant Hits Sul Ponti 
  • Savage Hits 
  • Tremolo Glissando Short Descending 
  • Very Short Glissando 
  • Low Aggressive Bow Tap 
  • Savage Runs 
  • Harmonic Gliss Hits 
  • Dissonant Resolving Tremolo Bends Short 


5 Ensemble Microphones 

  • Close 
  • Mixed 
  • Decca 
  • Far 
  • Wide 

4 Divisi Microphones 

  • Spot 1 
  • Spot 2 
  • Spot 3 
  • Spot 4 


  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required 
  • Not compatible with Free Kontakt Player 
  • Approx. 66GB harddrive space 
  • PC 2.4GZ+, 4GB ram 
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram