PX Add On Model D

PX Add On Model D

  • Deep-Sampled Custom Patches Using The Model D
  • Raw Oscillator Samples
  • 16 Programs featuring A/B Modes (32 preset layers)
  • Perfectly Maintained Original Hardware
  • 80 MB Download Uncompressed
  • Delivered by Download
  • Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS v2.1+
  • The latest operating system can be found HERE
  • ** Not compatible with Kontakt

PX Add-On 8: Model D 

The Minimoog Model D is a three-oscillator monophonic synthesizer manufactured originally in the early 1970s, before being brought back in more recent years for a limited run. The Model D not only helped shape decades of music production, but still defines and inspires instrument design and technology to this very day. 

As the popularity of massive walls of modular systems began to dwindle, the Model D was MOOG’s answer. It established the possibility of having an advanced yet portable synthesizer. It was not only the original to offer such a range of features and functions, but it was the first in its class as a retail-ready commercial instrument. This led to unparallel popularity at the time, with fans and users such as Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Herbie Hancock to name just a few. 

The Model D Add-On was captured using a pristinely maintained, original-run hardware unit. Direct from the synth archives of Dave Smith himself, the Model D had been uniquely modified. We recorded each take through a purely analog signal path until the very final stages to ensure all the character, tone, and warmth were retained, resulting in every note being faithful to the original. 

*MOOG (Minimoog)® is a registered trademark of MOOG Music Incorporated. 







  • Pulse I 
  • Pulse II 
  • Saw 
  • Saw 5ths 
  • Saw Triangle 
  • Square 
  • Triangle 
  • Noise 


Bank A1 (P105-120) 

  • A1/105 – The Bass A & B 
  • A1/106 – Wow Bass A & B 
  • A1/107 – Funk Bass A & B 
  • A1/108 – Mo Bass A & B 
  • A1/109 – Solo Lead A & B 
  • A1/110 – Dre Lead A & B 
  • A1/111 – Wall Lead A & B 
  • A1/112 – Dean Lead A & B 
  • A1/113 – Power Stab A & B 
  • A1/114 – Fat Stab A & B 
  • A1/115 – Low Stab A & B 
  • A1/116 – Sup Stab A & B 
  • A1/117 – Mau5 Pluk A & B 
  • A1/118 – 5th Pluk A & B 
  • A1/119 – Rain Pluk A & B 
  • A1/120 – Dive Pluk A & B 


  • Perfectly captured through pristine analog signal path 
  • Resolution: 16 bit / 48 kHz (Down-Sampled from 24 bit / 96 kHz) 
  • All core oscillators sampled raw chromatically across all keys 
  • 8 Deep-Sampled Original Instruments 
  • 16 Hand Designed and Stackable Presets with A/B Modes