Help! The download tool has been un-packing for an eternity! What should I do?

The un-packing process can take a long time, especially for larger libraries, although in some rare cases an error can occur during the download causing the un-packing process to go on for much longer than it should (e.g. over 24 hours). If this happens we recommend closing the downloader and reopening the downloader. This will restart the unpacking process and should take about 20 min to complete (sometimes longer for larger libraries)

If this does not work you can try a manual unpack of the library, linked below is a video showing how to manually unpack all of the .rar files.

Extracting .RAR Files:

Combining Folders:

If this still does not work, please re-downloaded the library and set the download location to your Desktop, once the library has been downloaded sucssessfully you can move the instrument to the desired location.