MacOS Catalina Warning – What You Should Know

Calling all mac users! This coming October, Apple is releasing a brand new operating system, macOS 10.15 (Catalina).    With this update, many music software applications will not be fully compatible, including Native Instruments Kontakt.    We recommend not updating to this latest operating system until such a time where

HOW TO: Upgrade to Anthology from ALL Adagio

Customers that own all 4 of the new (2.0) Adagio Volumes can now upgrade to Anthology for FREE giving you access to the useful ensemble based patches included in Anthology. As Anthology uses the same sample content as Adagio, if you have all four Adagio volumes installed, you can install

HOW TO: Get your Century Brass v 1.2 Update

HOW TO: Get your Century Brass v 1.2 Update What’s New Version 1.2 of Century Ensemble Brass is now available. The new update has fixed a few small issues and now includes individual patches for each articulation to improve load times and workflow in larger projects by allowing you to