V8P Loyalty Program

Welcome to the V8P Loyalty Program.

TheV8P Loyalty Program is a tailor-fitted program, designed exclusively for the most ambitious 8Dio consumers. Sparked by countless requests from customers asking us for individualized libraries, this is our way of saying thank you – to our most loyal supporters.

TheV8P Loyalty Program provides you with exclusive access to our most imaginative, creative and unrivaled products, while also offering a variety of additional services and incentives with other leading audio retailers. TheV8P Loyalty Programis your key to a new world of semi-custom library collections, designed with- and for our customers. The collections will retail from $999 and up and will be available to all qualifying applicants. Any 8Dio customer who has purchased more than $2000 will be eligible for the V8P program. When you become V8P – you will receive a formal invitation from us – describing the program in greater detail and how to access the collections.

The V8P Loyalty Program contains the following collections:

The Eighth Wonder (8W) (240-Piece Epic Orchestra) was recorded in one of the greatest symphony halls in the world in 96Khz and using 8 microphone positions, contains the largest epic symphony orchestra ever sampled: 240 players across strings, brass, percussion and woodwinds. On top of the classical orchestral sections, the library comes with custom sampled analog synthesizer ensembles and top of the line modern sound design patches – all created and specifically designed to match perfectly with the sound of the orchestra. It truly takes the concept of hybrid orchestral music above and beyond.

Emperium contains two choirs, including the 200-piece Titan Choir and a smaller, 16-piece, operatic chamber Destiny Choir. Emperium was recorded at 96KHz, using 6 microphone positions and contains a wealth of both traditional and completely new articulation types.

Extreme Ensembles is a large collection of 5 unique ensemble libraries – recorded in the same great symphony hall we used for 8W and Emperium. Extreme Ensembles contains 10-Piece Drumkit Ensemble, 10-Piece Analog Synth Ensemble, 10-Piece Electric Guitar Ensemble, 10-Piece Drum Machine Ensemble and a 10-Piece Electric Bass Ensemble. The collection is hard to describe in words, but stands as the wildest and most extreme sample project ever done.

Stay Unique. V8P.