Video Editor

Job Description:


8Dio Productions is looking for a talented and fast video editor. We have video tutorials in the range of 10-30 minutes pr. week (normally with 3-4 cameras all shooting 4K) and need someone to help us edit them. We really enjoy fast and snappy editing with good rhythm and flow. We like to put that extra little touch on things and always strive to operate in the highest resolution. Custom cards, transitions, split-screens and overlays are welcomed.


Overall Responsibility: Edit 8Dio Tutorial Videos and more creative videos later down the line for our upcoming Soundpaint technology.


   Core Requirements:

  • You are a wizard at editing (ex. FCPX, Premiere, DaVinci)

  • You got your color coding down

  • You have a set that can handle multiple 4K videos at the same time (60-100GB total size)

  • You have experience with motion graphics and custom cards (ex. After Effects)

  • You have experience with editing multiple cameras

  • You are naturally organized and know your shortcuts (ex. Multi-Camera setup in FCPX)

  • You got the flow down when it comes to the rhythm of editing and smooth transitioning


Salary based on qualifications. Payments issued on the 1st of every month.


About 8Dio Productions:


We are the largest independent publisher of deep-sampled music instruments in the world. The odds are that you have heard our instruments in your favorite Blockbuster movie, TV-show, Game, or Top-40 production. But our accolades is not what makes us cool. Our pride is in constantly pushing the boundaries of music and instruments. We have sampled the largest symphony orchestra and choirs ever sampled. We have two revolutionary Prophet X/XL Analog Hardware Synths with Sequential. But most importantly we have instruments made with heart, soul and love. No more boring samples.


8Dio was founded in 2010 by Academy Award, T.E.C and G.A.N.G-winning composer Troels Folmann and CEO Tawnia Knox. 8Dio is composed of highly motivated, talented and driven individuals. We are strongly committed to collaborating and building great things together. We don’t believe in your typical corporate hierarchy. We never take meetings. We believe the best argument should win – regardless of who makes it.


We hope other from you, but please only apply if you wholeheartedly agree with the above


To apply, please email a cover letter, current resume and your compensation requirements to