Legion Series: 66 Basses

HOW DOES IT SOUND? Listen to the first official demos for Legion Series: 66 Basses

  • … What’s the point?? Every month it’s onto some new trend that only suits 1 or 2 composition styles. Why don’t you just stick with Century and release a consistent set of orchestral samples instead of trying to get customers to buy 10 new niche libraries in between every practical one?

    • Emmanuel Avery

      Appreciate the feat they’ve accomplished… There’s so much work put into these libraries, so many people bringing their own creativity together to birth these libraries that are made available to us. I think we should be grateful for whatever 8dio produces, out of appreciation for their work.

      • Bazinga

        Niche is good, except they have attention spans shorter than my pet, yesterday it was Century, today it’s Legion, tomorrow it’s Gigawatt series…

        • mmmm…. gigawatt series

          • Jigawatt series.

          • Even better. A library that takes you back in time, comprised of 88 flux capacitors (8RR of course).

          • And we shall call the library “DeLorean”.

        • 8Dio Productions LLC

          We have two Century products next months (Dual Harps) and another one the month after (Ostinato). We are working on a variety of updates already for Century. But our teams are large enough to do more then one thing at a time. No resting for the wicked. We like to push the bar – all the time.

          • You also like to push customer ratings below 4 or 5 stars off your product pages.

          • 8diocom

            Hi Alex,

            Thank you for your observation. All verified 8Dio customers get reviews published. If you bought the product, the review is posted. If you have any further question, don´t hesitate to write us at pr@8dio.com

          • 8diocom

            Thank you for the information.

            We publish all reviews where there is a correlation between the purchaser and the review. For this reason we cannot post reviews written by customers that have not bought the respective library, this is both to avoid spam as well as keep the reviews fair. Because of this we manually approve all reviews on the site which is why some can be slow to appear.

            We hope this has answered your questions and if you are unsure about anything else please get back in touch.

          • 8diocom

            It was not our intention to call you a liar and we apologise if it came across that way. We wanted to inform the procedure for posting reviews and why you may see a lower number reviews than you might expect.

            In regards to your reviews not being posted, if you have purchased instruments under account (A) but are writing the review under account (B) then the review won’t be published, since there won´t be a correlation between the accounts. If there are any reviews you want published you can forward it directly to us and we’ll ensure it get posted.

  • This product is exactly what I’m looking for! After hearing a few of my pieces in theaters at film festivals this year, I’m realizing I’m not getting the bottom end right-so I’ve been combing through my synth and Kontakt libraries looking for the best way to fill in that range, not too happy with my results so far…then facebook’s ingenious marketing algorithm showed Legion Basses in my feed; once again-8dio is about to solve my world problems!

    PS I’m also impressed with 8dio’s handling of trolls-you could just ignore them, but you still manage to give thoughtful and unprovoking replies. Unfortunately, some people just want to complain and be pissed about everything

  • Ben Iocco

    This library sounds amazing! In so many Libraries the basses are either week or muddy. These sound fantastic! The best basses I’ve heard in any library!!! Thank you 8dio for producing libraries to meet a need! Looking forward to the release tomorrow!