Legion Series: 66 Basses

HOW DOES IT SOUND? Listen to the first official demos for Legion Series: 66 Basses

  • … What’s the point?? Every month it’s onto some new trend that only suits 1 or 2 composition styles. Why don’t you just stick with Century and release a consistent set of orchestral samples instead of trying to get customers to buy 10 new niche libraries in between every practical one?

    • Emmanuel Avery

      Appreciate the feat they’ve accomplished… There’s so much work put into these libraries, so many people bringing their own creativity together to birth these libraries that are made available to us. I think we should be grateful for whatever 8dio produces, out of appreciation for their work.

  • This product is exactly what I’m looking for! After hearing a few of my pieces in theaters at film festivals this year, I’m realizing I’m not getting the bottom end right-so I’ve been combing through my synth and Kontakt libraries looking for the best way to fill in that range, not too happy with my results so far…then facebook’s ingenious marketing algorithm showed Legion Basses in my feed; once again-8dio is about to solve my world problems!

    PS I’m also impressed with 8dio’s handling of trolls-you could just ignore them, but you still manage to give thoughtful and unprovoking replies. Unfortunately, some people just want to complain and be pissed about everything

  • Ben Iocco

    This library sounds amazing! In so many Libraries the basses are either week or muddy. These sound fantastic! The best basses I’ve heard in any library!!! Thank you 8dio for producing libraries to meet a need! Looking forward to the release tomorrow!