8Dio is the leading independent developer of Kontakt software instruments and inventor of deep-sampling.

who is 8dio

When Troels and Tawnia first met in Silicon Valley, she had left her long career as an executive at LVMH and other luxury brands and had been working on a sort of Pokémon GO version of Tinder while he was writing full buyout production audio tracks for use in video games, trailers, and movies. Being highly driven creatives, neither one was content being a cog in someone else's wheel. 8Dawn, their first company, was born from this. Eight years later, they signed with Extreme Music label Taboo, a subsidiary of high-end publisher, Sony Publishing. Shortly after that, 8Dio was formed in 2011, and has since become the leading source of sample libraries for film composers and producers the world over, garnering the duo many awards, including the prestigious BAFTA & two TEC awards.

In addition to being an accomplished visual designer, Troels is also an Academy Award (BAFTA), TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG and D3 award-winning composer, a Ph.D. scholar in music technologies, and an adjunct professor at USC.If you've watched any blockbuster films in the last decade, listened to Top-40 music or played video games, such as Tomb Raider, then you've heard 8Dio's instruments. Their samples have also fueled the library for Sequential's Prophet X synthesizer, a remarkable analog/digital hybrid workstation that can be found in the world's best music studios, a collaboration between Troels, Tawnia, and Dave Smith, the founder of Sequential.

Together this powerhouse duo are set on a mission to balance artistry and engineering with equal weight. No limitations. Infinite possibilities.



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8Dio is currently looking for a handful of passionate high-energy, & talented people to help us realize our vision.

What is 8dio

8Dio has created an extensive deep-sampled catalog of advanced instruments for Kontakt - based on millions of samples. Including:

Majestica - the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled
Epic Taiko Ensembles
200-Piece Titanic Choirs
66-piece Cello Ensembles
12 Deep-Sampled Pianos
Industry Standard Cinematic Scoring Tools
Adagio String Series
And over 10 million other instruments and samples

8Dio products are featured in a majority of current blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV-shows, Broadway productions and the professional sports industry. 8Dio products are also used by high-profile artists, composers and top music producers in all genres.

edu program

Our EDU Program supports education and offers educational discounts on products to qualifying individuals. If you are a full time student or teacher majoring in a music program, please send us a copy of your current student/teacher ID and proof of enrollment. EDU discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or sales offers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


June 2024 (Soundpaint): "Spice Drums"
May 2024 (Soundpaint): "Disco Strings"
April 2024 (Soundpaint): "Percussive Triggers"
April 2024 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Tools Apex"
April 2024 (Soundpaint): "Terminus"
April 2024 (Soundpaint): "Century Solo Flugelhorn"
March 2024 (Soundpaint): "Rhythmic Auras I Acoustics"
February 2024 (8Dio): "Opera Soprano Maria"
February 2024 (Soundpaint): "Opera Soprano Maria"
February 2024 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Tools Paragon"
February 2024 (Soundpaint): "Adastra Solo Strings"
January 2024 (Soundpaint): "Adastra Chamber Strings "
December 2023 (Soundpaint): "Guitar Ambiences"
December 2023 (Soundpaint): "Guitar Ambiences"
December 2023 (Soundpaint): "Bulbul Tarang"
November 2023 (8Dio): "Majestica Pro"
November 2023 (8Dio): "Majestica Ultra"
November 2023 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Evolutions"
October 2023 (Soundpaint): "Polyphon"
September 2023 (Soundpaint): "Glass Marimba"
September 2023 (Soundpaint): "ADASTRA Ambiences"
September 2023 (Soundpaint): "ADASTRA Ensemble Strings"
September 2023 (Soundpaint): "Wrenchenspiel"
September 2023 (Soundpaint): "Santur"
August 2023 (Soundpaint): "Harmonium"
August 2023 (Soundpaint): "Extreme Ensembles 10 Basses"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "Copperphone"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40: Wknd Vibes"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Xylophone Ensemble"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "Extreme Ensembles 10 Electric Guitars"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "Centurion Harp 1"
July 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Acoustic Guitar Ensemble"
July 2023 (8Dio): "3 Duduks"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Free Home"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40: Skillstep"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Symphonic Shadows Woodwinds"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Symphonic Shadows Brass"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Symphonic Shadows Strings"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Basstard"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Voices Designs"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): "Smiley Drum"
June 2023 (Soundpaint): Soundpaint Version 2.5 with 8 Major New Features
June 2023 (8Dio): "Hybrid Voices Designs"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "Emotional Guitar Pads"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "Emotional Guitars Multi"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Windchimes Ensemble"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Tubular Bell Ensemble"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40: Post"
May 2023 (Soundpaint): "Sitar"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "Free Radicals"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Harp Ensemble"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "Wild Noises"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "1982 Oboe Amore"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "1970 Baritone Sax Barry"
April 2023 (Soundpaint): "Epic Toms Ensemble"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40: Justin"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40: Draft Funk"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Cimbalom Ensemble"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "AGE Piano Ensemble"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40 102 Boogie Mars"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Pop 40 101 Aria Grand"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Epic Framedrums Ensemble"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "2001 Piccolo Shire"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Tin Can Rods"
March 2023 (Soundpaint): "1992 Saxophone Fire"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "1995 English Horn Lorium"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "1984 Trumpet Fire"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "2010 Bassoon Firebird"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "Dirty Clav"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "1989 Trombone Fire"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "Majestic Percussion Ensemble"
February 2023 (Soundpaint): "Aleatoric Brass Orchestra (CAGE)"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Glass Marble Lyre"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "Aleatoric Woodwind Orchestra (CAGE)"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "GameBoi UDS"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "1994 LP Studio"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "Polywax UDS"
January 2023 (Soundpaint): "2004 Flute Platinus"
December 2022 (Soundpaint): "J8X UDS"
December 2022 (Soundpaint): "1967 Clarinet Paris"
December 2022 (Soundpaint): "Aleatoric String Orchestra (CAGE)"
December 2022 (Soundpaint): "1971 Estonica Grand Piano"
November 2022 (Soundpaint): "1987 Alto Flute Savana"
November 2022 (Soundpaint): "1980 Tenor Saxophone Spectralius"
November 2022 (Soundpaint): "1999 Soprano Saxophone Moonlight"
November 2022 (Soundpaint): Soundpaint Version 2.0 with H.A.L (Hyper Acoustic Legato)
November 2022 (Soundpaint): "Atmospheres & Moods"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "AGE Marimba Ensemble"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "1958 Thunderstick"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "Steel Drum"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "AGE Glockenspiel Ensemble"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Aquatic Harp"
October 2022 (Soundpaint): "1959 Swingmaster"
September 2022 (Soundpaint): "Epic Dhol Ensemble"
September 2022 (Soundpaint): "Forgotten Voices Terrie"
September 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Tile Floor Keyboard"
September 2022 (Soundpaint): "EverWave"
September 2022 (Soundpaint): "Supercluster"
September 2022 (8Dio): "Extreme Ensemble 10 Drum Machines"
September 2022 (8Dio): "Studio Soprano Saxophone"
September 2022 (8Dio): "Extreme Ensemble 10 Drum Kits"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Motion Effects"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "The Brut Standard Edition"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Epic Taiko Ensemble"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Vintage Talk Box UDS"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Kick Base 11"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Uppers & Risers"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Orange 909 UDS"
August 2022 (Soundpaint): "Analog Film Bass UDS"
August 2022 (8Dio): "Extreme Ensemble 10 Analog Synths"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "1974 Jagra"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Bouncing Springs"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "Orange 78 UDS"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "1969 Legacy Piano"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "Vintage Mello-D Standard Edition"
July 2022 (Soundpaint): "The Brut UDS"
July 2022 (8Dio): "Extreme Ensemble 10 Basses"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Water Pipes"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "Brown Auto-Vari 64 UDS"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "G-Brass Standard Edition"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "2020 Modern PR-String Guitar"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "Clanggg"
June 2022 (Soundpaint): "Dunescape UDS"
June 2022 (8Dio): "Extreme Ensemble 10 Electric Guitars"
May 2022 (Soundpaint): "1985 Passionate Grand C5"
May 2022 (Soundpaint): "Cinematic Drum Kits"
May 2022 (Soundpaint): Soundpaint Version 1.1 with the Soundpaint Editor & User Sample Import
May 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Beatbox Flute"
May 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Downers & Falls"
May 2022 (Soundpaint): "Ukuleles"
May 2022 (8Dio): "Deep Quintet Strings"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Hits & Impacts"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Black 55"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Booms and Hits"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "1965 Mello D Maker Guitar"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Tick Tock UDS"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Ear Candy & Strums"
April 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Sub Hits"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Rulers"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Icelandia I"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Oliver Codd 12 String"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Analog Modular Percussion I"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "1990 Modern Grand C7"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "P-Bass"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Red 522 UDS"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "ZX Spectrum UDS"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Free ASMR"
March 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Sympathetic Nail Violin"
February 2022 (Soundpaint): "Bazantar"
February 2022 (Soundpaint): "Palindrome 2 UDS"
February 2022 (Soundpaint): "Wurlitzer (RE-UN-RELEASED)"
February 2022 (Soundpaint): "Cymbal Effects"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "Terz Guitar"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "1968 Harmony B3 Organ"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "Vintage Mello-D UDS"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "Forgotten Voices Barbary"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras 24-Stringed Zither"
January 2022 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Braahms Horn Generator"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "DX7X UDS"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "Kick Vermon"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "Prepared Grand Piano C7"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Kora Drum"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "Caisa Drum"
December 2021 (Soundpaint): "Nuno 60 UDS"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "Nicolas Bras Pop Instrument"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Cinema: Slams"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "1901 Vintage Upright Broadwell"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "Extreme Ensembles 10 Analog Synths"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "Free Angels"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "CInematic Ambiences"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "1976 Rhodes"
November 2021 (Soundpaint): "Commodore C64 UDS"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "Orange 808 UDS"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "G-Brass UDS"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "1975 Soul Guitar"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "Hybrid Emotions"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "Juniper 8 UDS"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "Beautiful Noises"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "Palindrome"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): "1928 Grand Piano"
October 2021 (Soundpaint): Soundpaint version 1.0 Official Release
August-September 2021: 8Dio 10th Anniversary Celebration
August 2021: "Majestica 2.0"
July 2021: "Sequential Prophet X Official Add-On Yamaha Grand"
July 2021: "Sequential Prophet X Offical Add-On Estonia Grand"
May 2021: "Warm Studio Woodwinds: Solo Bass Clarinet"
May 2021: "Warm Studio Woodwinds: Solo Oboe"
May 2021: "Warm Studio Woodwinds: Solo Clarinet"
April 2021: "Ostinato Winds Vol. 2: Oboes & Bassoons"
April 2021: "Ostinato Winds Vol. 1: Flutes & Clarinets"
March 2021: "Soulful Studio Bass Trombone"
March 2021: "Soulful Studio Trumpet 2"
March 2021: "Soulful Studio Trombone"
February 2021: "Soulful Studio Trumpet 1"
February 2021: "Hybrid Tools NEO II"
February 2021: "Studio Quartet Series Deep Solo Bass"
January 2021: "Studio Series Fire Trombone"
December 2020: "On The House Smiley Drum
November 2020: "The New Century Strings 2.0 Edition Sordino"
"November 2020: "The New Century Strings 2.0 Bundle"
October 2020: "Studio Quartet Series Solo Viola"
July 2020: "Studio Quartet Series Deep Solo Cello"
July 2020: "Studio Series Fire Saxophone"
July 2020: "Studio Quartet Series Deep Solo Violin"
July 2020: "Studio Series Fire Trumpet"
June 2020: "Century Ostinato Brass Trombones & Tuba"
June 2020: "Century Ostinato Brass Trumpet & Horns"
May 2020 "Sample Aid Studio Steel Drum"
May 2020 "Sample Aid Studio Tenor Saxophone"
April 2020 "On The House The New Cajon & Bongo"
April 2020: "Emotional Guitars Bundle"
April 2020: "Emotional Guitars Rhythms"
April 2020: "Emotional Guitars Multi-Samples"
April 2020: "Sample Aid 8Dio Vibraphone"
April 2020: "Emotional Guitars: Pads"
April 2020: "Sample Aid 8Dio Marimba"
April 2020: "FREE Home Comunity Collaboration"
April 2020: "FREE ASMR" March 2020: "Sample Aid 8Dio Aluphone"
March 2020: "Sample Aid 8Dio Caisa Drum"
March 2020: "On The House The New Glass Marimba"
March 2020: "Hybrid Tools: Phenex Bundle"
March 2020: "Hybrid Tools: "Phenex Modular Analog Synths"
March 2020: "Hybrid Tools: Phenex Modular Analog Effects and Tools"
February 2020: "Custom Instrument Series Everwave"
February 2020: "OTH The New Copperphone"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Bundle (Solo & Ensemble)"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Ensemble Bundle"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Bundle"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Ensemble LITE"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Ensemble Trombones"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Ensemble Trumpets"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Ensemble Horns"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Trumpet"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Trombone"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Bass Trombone"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo French Horn"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Flugel Horn"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Tuba"
January 2020: "The New Century Brass Solo Cimbasso"
January 2020: "Century Ostinato Strings Chapter II - Advanced Patterns"
January 2020: "Sequential Prophet X Offical Add-On Juno 60"
December 2019: "OTH Songwriting Guitar"
December 2019: "The Bible of Latin & Salsa: Bundle
December 2019: "The Bible of Latin & Salsa: Volume Three"

December 2019: "OTH Mini"
December 2019: "OTH The New Propanium"

December 2019: "OTH Post-Apocalyptic Guitar"

December 2019: "OTH Free You"
December 2019: "OTH Free Radicals"
December 2019: "OTH Free Angels"
November 2019: "Custom Instrument Series: Circle Strings"
November 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-on 8 Model D"
November 2019: "Hybrid Tools: Eternal Darkness"

October 2019: "The Bible of Latin & Salsa: Volume Two"
October 2019: "Century Artisan Brass: Bundle"
October 2019: "Century Artisan Brass: Flugel Horn Ensemble"
October 2019: "Century Artisan Brass: Cimbasso Ensemble"
October 2019: "Century Artisan Brass: Euphonium Ensemble"
October 2019: "Ethnic Instrument Series: Harmonium"
October 2019: "Equinox: Hybrid Action Tools"
October 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 7 Prodigy"
September 2019: "The Bible of Latin & Salsa: Volume One"
August 2019: "Legion Series: 66 Cellos"
August 2019: "Launching Project Free ASMR"
July 2019: 'Intimate Studio Strings V1.3"
July 2019: "Legion Series 33 Drummers: Batucada"
July 2019: "Anthology Strings 1.3"
June 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 6 Jupiter-4"
June 2019: "Intimate Studio Woodwinds"
June 2019: "Adagio Basses - A Part of the Anthology Collection"
May 2019: "Adagio Cellos - A Part of the Anthology Collection"
May 2019: "Adagio Violas - A Part of the Anthology Collection"
May 2019: "Adagio Violins - A Part of the Anthology Collection"
May 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On T8"
May 2019: "Intimate Studio Brass"
April 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On OB-X"

April 2019: "The New Studio Sopranos"
March 2019: "The New AGE Bundle"
March 2019: "The New AGE Volume 2"

March 2019: "Legion Series: 66 Trombones"
March 2019 "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On A2600"
March 2019 "Supercluster"
February 2019 "The New Forgotten Voices: Terrie"
February 2019 "Hybrid Tools Terminus"
January 2019 "Studio Saxophone Trio"
January 2019 "The New AGE Volume 1"
January 2019: "Studio Vocal Roula"
January 2019: "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On CP70"
January 2019: "Anthology Strings Update"
December 2018 "Sequential Prophet X/XL Mapping Utility"
November 2018 "Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 1 The Last Prophet 5"
September 2018: "Intimate Studio Strings Update"
October 2018 "Sequential Prophet XL Analog Hardware Synth"
October 2018 "The New Glass Marimba"
October 2018: "The New Forgotten Voices: Barbary"
September 2018: "Intimate Studio Strings"
September 2018: "Chris Young The Collection"
September 2018: "Chris Young Textural Worlds"
September 2018: "Chris Young Orchestral Touch"
August 2018: "The New Francesca"
August 2018: "Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy"
August 2018 "Legion Series 66 Tuba Ensemble"
July 2018: "The New 1969 Piano"
July 2018: "Silka Choir"
June 2018: "The New Copperphone"
June 2018 "Orchestral Shepards"
June 2018: "The New Forgotten Voices: Cait"
June 2018: "Century Ostinato Strings"
May 2018: "Sequential Prophet X Hardware Synth"
April 2018: "1985 - Passionate Piano"
March 2018: "Century Harps"
March 2018: "Hybrid Tools 4 - Modern Cinema"
February 2018: "The New Propanium"
February 2018: "Synthetic Shadows"
January 2018: "The New Basstard"
January 2018: "Legion Series: 66 Basses"
January 2018: "The New 1928 Steinway Grand Piano"
December 2017: "Century Strings Try-Pack"
December 2017: "Century Strings Ensemble"
December 2017: "Century Strings Bundle"
December 2017: "Century Strings Sordino"
November 2017: "Century Brass Try-Pack"
November 2017: "Century Brass Bundle"
November 2017: "Century Ensemble Brass"
November 2017: "Century Solo Brass"
November 2017: "Clocks"
November 2017: "Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars"
October 2017: "The New Bazantar"
October 2017: "The New Bulbul Tarang"
September 2017: "Shepard Tones"
September 2017: "The New Hybrid Rhythms"
September 2017: "Studio Vintage Keyboard Series Bundle"
September 2017: "Studio Vintage Keyboard Series: Vintage Organ"
September 2017: "Hybrid Tools Neo"
September 2017 "Studio Vintage Series: Wurlitzer Electric Piano"
August 2017: "Suspended - Non-Tonal Edition"
August 2017: "The New Bowed Piano"
August 2017: "Advanced Guitar Series: Mandolin"
July 2017: "CASE Bundle"
July 2017: "CASE - Woodwind Edition"
July 2017: "Century Ensemble Brass - BETA"
June 2017: "Century Solo Brass - BETA"
June 2017: "The New Plucked Piano"
June 2017: "CASE - Brass"
May 2017: "Suspended - Tonal Edition"
May 2017: "Charity - Games for Good"
May 2017: "Insolidus"
May 2017: "CASE - Strings"
April 2017: "Insolidus - BETA"
April 2017: "The New Hybrid Tools 2"
April 2017: "Advanced Guitar Series: "Charango"
April 2017: "The New Rhythmic Aura 2"
April 2017: "Studio Clavinet"
March 2017: "1971 Estonia Grand Piano"
March 2017: "The New Rhythmic Aura 1"
March 2017: "Studio Steel Drum"
March 2017: "Sierra Compatible Updates for older products"
March 2017: "Studio Vintage Series: "CP-70 Electric Grand Piano"
March 2017: "New Hybrid Tools I"
February 2017: "Advanced Guitar Series: "Steel String"
February 2017: "Rhythmic Revolution"
February 2017: "Symphonic Shadows"
February 2017: "Misfit Toy Synths and Drums"
February 2017: "Misfit Baby Toys n' Baby"
February 2017: "Misfit Toy Instruments"
February 2017: "8Dio Download Tool Sierra Compatible Update"
January 2017: "Studio Percussion Orchestral"
January 2017: "Liberis Angelic Choir 2.0"
January 2017: "Blendstrument Strange Pulses"
December 2016: "Anthology Strings"
December 2016: "Hybrid Drums 8D8"
December 2016: "Project Free You"
October 2016: "Aura Exotic Tonal Studio Percussion"
October 2016: "The New Ambient Guitar"
October 2016: "Advanced Guitar Series: "Guitalele"
October 2016: "8Dio How-To Series: 10 Tips for Kontakt"
October 2016: "Edge Vol.2"
October 2016: "Advanced Drum Series: "Ragnarok"
October 2016: "Why you need to practice your virtual instrument"
September 2016: "The New Epic Dhol Ensemble"
September 2016: "Vintage Suitcase 54 Piano"
September 2016: "8Dio How-To Series: How To Load Libraries into Kontakt"
September 2016: "Instant 12-String Guitar"
September 2016: "8Dio Annual Stand-Out Contest 2016"
August 2016:"New Studio Vintage Series"
August 2016:"8Dio 5th Anniversary + Launch of new 8Dio Website"
July 2016: "V8P Extreme Ensemble Series: Bass Guitar Ensemble"
July 2016: "The New Epic Toms Ensemble"
July 2016: "Facebook Live Sessions"
June 2016: "V8P Extreme Ensemble Series: Electric Guitar Ensemble"
June 2016: "Blendstrument Alive Percussion"
June 2016: "The New Solo Framedrum"
June 2016: "V8P Extreme Ensemble Series: Real Drumkit Ensemble"
May 2016: "V8P Extreme Ensemble Series: Analog Synth Ensemble"
May 2016: "V8P Extreme Ensemble Series: Drum Machine Ensemble"
May 2016: "The New Epic Frame drum Ensemble"
April 2016: "Blendstrument Hybrid Pulses"
April 2016: "The New Solo Taiko Drums"
April 2016: "Studio Percussion - Auxiliary Edition"
March 2016: "The New Epic Taiko Ensemble"
March 2016: "Hybrid Tools Synphony - Opus 1 Expansion"
March 2016: "Instant Electric Guitar Strummer"
February 2016: "Instant Electric Guitar Soloist"
February 2016: "Blendstrument Motion Textures"
January 2016: "Electric Cello"
January 2016: "Hybrid Tools Synphony"
December 2015: "Winners of 2015 Stand-Out Contest"
December 2015: "Launching Project Free You"
December 2015: "Announcing Century Orchestral Strings"
December 2015: "Majestica - 240 Piece Epic Orchestra"
October 2015: "Instant Acoustic Guitar Strummer"
October 2015: "Instant Acoustic Guitar Soloist"
October 2015: "Upright Piano 1901"
October 2015: "8DM Electro House Vol. 3"
October 2015: "Misfit Toypiano"
October 2015: "Misfit Bundle"
September 2015: "8Dio joins Instagram and Snapchat"
September 2015: "Lyre"
September 2015: "Sponsoring End to Alzheimers Walk in Oregon"
September 2015: "8DM Flow House Synth Vol. 1"
September 2015: "Advanced Drum Series: "Blackbird Kit"
September 2015: "Studio Vocal Series: "Laurie Ann Haus"
August 2015: "Aura: Guitars"
July 2015: "Qanun"
July 2015: "Lacrimosa - Epic Symphonic Choir"
July 2015: "8DM Edge Groove Edition Vol. 1"
June 2015: "Agitato Arpeggio Legato & Violin Ostinato Builder"
June 2015: "Santur"
June 2015: "V8P Emperium Legato Add-On Titan Choir"
June 2015: "V8P Emperium Legato Add-On Destiny Choir"
June 2015: "Electric Violin"
May 2015: "Agitato Grandiose Sordino Strings"
May 2015: "8DM Flow House Groove Ed. Vol. 2"
May 2015: "1990 Prepared Grand Piano"
March 2015: "1990 Studio Grand Piano"
March 2015: "Studio Sopranos"
March 2015: "8DM Deep House Synth Edition Vol. 1"
February 2015: "Studio Cello Designer"
February 2015: "Solo Violin Designer 2.0 Update"
January 2015: "Acoustic Grand Ensembles (AGE) Vol. 2
January 2015: "Acoustic Grand Ensembles (AGE) Vol. 1"
January 2015: "8DM Deep House Vol. 1 Groove Edition"
December 2014: "Misfit Whistling"
December 2014: "Misfit Trombone"
December 2014: "Misfit Bicycle"
December 2014: "Misfit Jawharp"
December 2014: "Misfit 1 String Diddley Bow"
December 2014: "Misfit Banjo"
December 2014: "Misfit Conertina"
December 2014: "Misfit Bucket Bass"
December 2014: "Misfit Trumpet"
December 2014: "Misfit Washboard"
December 2014: "Misfit Fiddle"
December 2014: "Misfit Harmonica"
December 2014: "Misfit 3 String Diddley Bow"
December 2014: "Misfit Stompbox"
November 2014: "Studio Vocal Series: Jenifer"
October 2014: "V8P Emperium Destiny Choir"
October 2014: "V8P Emperium Titan Choir"
October 2014: "8W Black Edition (free Spiccatum Add-On)
October 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Divisi Violas"
October 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Ensemble Violas"
October 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Divisi Cellos"
October 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Ensemble Cellos"
September 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Divisi Violin"
September 2014: "Agitato Grandiose Legato Ensemble Violin"
September 2014: "3rd Annual Stand Out Contest 2014"
August 2014: "Agitato Try-Pack Grandiose Legato"
August 2014: "Instant Ukelele Strummer"
August 2014: "Instant Ukelele Solo"
July 2014: "3rd 8Dio Anniversary"
July 2014: "Partnership with Guitar Center"
July 2014: "18 New EDM Maschine
Kontakt and Wav-pack libraries launched at"
July 2014: "Launching New EDM Sample Company: "8DM" at"
June 2014: "Claire Piccolo Flute Virtuoso"
May 2014: "Hybrid Tools 3"
May 2014: "Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso"
April 2014: "Claire English Horn Virtuoso"
April 2014: "8W Black Edition (free) Ambient Add-On"
March 2014: "CAGE Woodwinds"
March 2014: "CAGE Brass"
February 2014: "CAGE Strings"
January 2014: "1969 Steinway Piano"
January 2014: "Instant Dobro Strummer"
January 2014: "Claire Oboe Virtuoso"
December 2013: "CAGE Announcement"
December 2013: "Advanced Drum Series: "Zeus Kit"
December 2013: "Adagio Podcast 3.0"
December 2013: "Adagietto"
December 2013: "Adagio Cellos 1.5 Free Update"
December 2013: "Adagio Violins 1.5 Free Update"
December 2013: "Free Angels"
November 2013: "Kommand The Kit - Zeus Contest"
October 2013: "8W - The Eighth Wonder"
October 2013: "V8P Loyalty Program Launch"
September 2013: "Claire Flute Virtuoso"
August 2013: "Instant Dobro Solo"
August 2013: V8P Club Announcement & 8W
August 2013: "2nd 8Dio Anniversary + Stand Out Contest"
July 2013: "Claire Bassoon Virtuoso"
July 2013: "EDM Drumstep V1"
June 2013: "Instant Mandolin Strummer"
June 2013: "The New Alien Drum"
June 2013: "Claire Clarinet Virtuoso"
May 2013: "EDM Trap"
May 2013: "Memorial Day Sale"
May 2013: "Mandolin Solo"
April 2013: "Adagio Basses"
April 2013: "EDM Dubstep"
April 2013: "New 8Dio Website 2.0"
March 2013: "8Dioboe"
March 2013: "Adagio Violas"
February 2013: "Wrenchenspiel"
February 2013: "Instant Steel String Strummer"
January 2013: "Instant Steel String Solo"
December 2012: "Announcing Free Angels - with +100 submissions"
December 2012: "Announcing V8P - Exclusive Club & Sample Line for Professionals"
December 2012: "Everyday is Christmas Day Campaign"
December 2012: "Adagio Cellos Vol. 1"
November 2012: "Polyphon"
October 2012: "New Requiem Pro" 26GB/15.500 (free upgrade)
September 2012: "Free Radicals"
August 2012: "Adagio 1.1" 25GB/33.330 sample (free upgrade)
August 2012: "Hybrid Tools Vol. 2"
August 2012: "Stand Out Contest - with over 350 submissions"
August 2012: "1st 8Dio Anniversary"
July 2012: "Hybrid Rhythms"
July 2012: "Basstard"
July 2012: "Independence Day Sale"
June 2012: "Help Design Adagio Violins Vol. 2"
June 2012: "Post-Apocalyptic Guitar"
May 2012: "Adagio Violins Vol. 1"
April 2012: "Announcing Free Radicals - with over 100 submissions"
April 2012: "Bazantar"
March 2012: "Studio Solo Violin"
February 2012: "Glass Marimba"
February 2012: "Songwriting Guitar 2.0"
February 2012: "1928 Steinway Legacy Piano"
February 2012: "Rhythmic Aura 2/RMX"
January 2012: "MLK Sale"
January 2012: "Copperphone"
December 2011: "25 Days of Christmas"
December 2011: "Rhythmic Aura 2"
November 2011: "Bulbul Tarang"
November 2011: "Songwriting Guitar 1.0"
October 2011: "Music Made With Rain"
October 2011: "Progressive Metal Guitar"
September 2011: "Rhythmic Aura 1 RMX"
September 2011: "Catmosphere"
September 2011: "Hybrid Tools 1"
August 2011: "Solo Taiko Ensemble"
August 2011: "Epic Taiko Ensemble"
August 2011: "Rhythmic Aura 1"
August 2011: "8Dio launches with +40 software instruments"


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